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Updo Hairstyle Instructions – Nine Ideas for Every Occasion

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If you are looking for a simple hairstyle that still looks pretty, all you have to do is twist the hair. So leave everything behind and turn your hair into a true work of art. In this article we will show you five interesting ideas or the special one Updo instructions for nine great hairstyles that you can easily imitate. Loosen your hands and fingers and try them out right away.

Updo instructions with waterfall braid

updo instructions elegant braid waterfall page

To implement this updo tutorial, all you really need to do is follow the pictures. You start by braiding a waterfall style braid on the side. This should go back and over the neck. When you are done, just wrap the braid in a spiral, as shown in the instructions, and pin the braid in place.

Updo Instructions – Loose bun from a ponytail

updo instructions bun casual elegant ponytail comb pony

This hairstyle is especially quick and easy to replicate. Tie a ponytail and then gradually divide it into individual strands, which you casually wrap around the hair elastic and tie. If you have a pony, you can work it in there or pin it as in the example.

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Updo Hairstyle Instructions – Nine Ideas for Every Occasion

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Instructions for a bun hairstyle

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This updo tutorial is similar to the previous one and just as easy to follow. Divide the loose hair into three parts. Tie the middle part into a bun. The other two divide each into two again. Each of the four strands is then slightly twirled and loosely wrapped around the bun. The hairstyle has an overall loose look that is elegant at the same time.

Elegant updo

updo instructions long hair quick idea summer look

This hairstyle is even more elegant, but it is designed in a little more steps. Just try them out! It is perfect for everyday life, but can also be worn wonderfully on special occasions.

Updo Instructions- Use a headband



the Updo instructions will show you the most popular way to twist your hair. It can be combined with a headband and is not difficult to imitate. Just put on the headband and set it up. Gather the hair in a ponytail and tuck the ends behind the headband from above. Finally, pull your hair together to achieve the desired tightness. The result is a nifty DIY updo.

Updo Instructions- A half-open hairstyle with a partially hidden hair band


These Updo instructions is just as easy to replicate and consists of photos. The DIY updo is especially interesting as it combines an already familiar hairstyle with something new. In principle, all you have to do is put on a hair band and then wrap part of the hair around the band in the back area. This creates a beautiful, half-open hairstyle.

A double “Gibson Tuck”

Gibson bun do-it-yourself updo

This on the one hand casual and on the other hand elegant DIY updo is so versatile that it can be worn on a wide variety of occasions, whether in everyday life, at a party or a business lunch. Hairstyling takes a little more time than the other hairstyles on this list, but it’s definitely worth the effort. Why choose this one Don’t DIY updo when you’re invited to a wedding or other official occasion?




A braided bun in combination with plaits

This type of bun is gorgeous, don’t you think? Instead of using a headband to get this effect like in the first example, you can use your own hair as well. To do this, simply braid two braids on each side and secure them with bobby pins at the back of the head. Braid the rest of the hair into a loose braid and tuck it behind the side braids from above. You’re done with this pretty DIY updo!

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Instructions-do-it-yourself updo

A twisted bun for curly hair

This DIY updo is perfect for all ladies with a curly mane. It is somewhat similar to the instructions above, except that in this case you are not braiding the side strands, but simply twirling them and simply pinning the rest of the hair onto them. Don’t you agree that this hairstyle looks just wonderful? Try them out right now! We hope you enjoy trying out this great updo.





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