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The great make-up and hairstyles of the stars – 11 styles


At the 2014 Billboard Music Awards held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas in May, there was a lot of interesting styling for the makeup, as well Hairstyles of the stars to see. Some of the hottest singers showed up in wonderful looks on the red carpet.

Make-up styling and hairstyles of the stars at the “Billboard Music Awards 2014”


The choice of makeup and the Hairstyles of the stars The 2014 Billboard Music Awards turned out to be quite diverse. Nevertheless, the playful chic seemed to dominate. Here we have some of the most notable stylings from the Billboard Music Awards this year.

Up hair as hairstyles for the stars


Updos were a common choice at the awards show this time around. One of the most interesting of these Hairstyles of the stars on the red carpet was the ingenious hairstyling of the stunning Carrie Underwood. It exuded old Hollywood glamor.

 Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood 2014 Two Pictures Music Award

The singer presented herself at the event with darker curls and a make-up in a smoky look and glossy lips.

Kesha said she felt like a toddler in a papal crown when she was dressed for the event. While her dress definitely exuded elegance, her casual updo and accentuated eyelashes as a contrast created a rather trendy look.

Kesha’s pink updo


Sarah Hyland chose compared to the others Hairstyles of the stars an ordinary bun for the event, but her 80s style make-up caught everyone’s eye.

Sarah Hyland

Sarah Hyland Billboard Music Awards Hairstyle

Hairstyles of the stars – Jennifer Lopez: Spirited and of course, Jennifer Lopez looked simply stunning on the red carpet. While her eerily spirited red dress was one of the most impressive of the evening, her simple yet chic half-pinned hairstyle of modern waves at the tips made her one of the stars who truly deserved it, an enduring one Memory to stay. In terms of makeup, she went for a natural smoky eye look with glossy lips.

Jennifer Lopez


Chrissy Teigen presented herself at the Billboard Music Awards 2014 with a new, straight pony cut. She chose a simple hairstyle where she wore her hair down and had delicate makeup.

Chrissy Teigen


Kendall and Kylie Jenner also resorted to an effortless look with an open hairstyle and sleek, sleek makeup that emphasizes their beautiful sides.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner

2014 Billboard Music Collage Singers

Iggy Azalea impressed at the Billboard Music Awards 2014 with a simple styling. Her voluminous, long hair, which was styled in waves, as well as her full lips in pink flatter her look.

Iggy Azalea


The singer Nicki Minaj chose a more conservative look for her hair and make-up styling. If you judge by her rather simple make-up and the perfectly styled, downward curls, you might think that the days of exaggerated styling are over. Or at least temporarily.

 Nicki Minaj


Open hair worn on the side was also extremely popular at this year’s event. Lucy Hale’s wavy hair that she wore to the side as well as the pretty highlights turned out to be a great choice. Her pink cheeks gave her otherwise spirited look a certain innocent charisma.

Lucy Hale


Miranda Lambert was another star who chose an open, side hairstyle. The pretty hair styling allowed a glimpse of her great earrings, while the slight sheen on her eyelids accented her eyes.

Miranda Lambert


Kylie Jenner