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Herringbone Braid Instructions – DIY Spiral Braid Braid

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Hello ladies! We’re giving you a DIY in this article Herringbone braid instructions for a spiral braid you can easily imitate. These types of braids are a big trend this season and are perfect for battling the summer heat. They can be worn in many different ways, including updos, as a side braid and in combination with a ponytail. The possibilities are endless.

Herringbone braid instructions – Side variant for the wedding

herringbone braid instructions side braid wedding idea casual elegant

the Herringbone braid instructions will show you that the DIY braid is very easy to imitate and is often worn by women, especially because it is an interesting variant of the usual braid made of three strands and looks livelier. As a side braid, it’s very trendy and looks wonderful, whether you’re sunbathing on the beach, cooling off in the pool or at a barbecue party. This type of braid looks great even with wet hair. Read the instructions below to make this interesting, side and spiral herringbone braid yourself very easily.

Herringbone braid instructions to make yourself

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How to do the DIY Herringbone braid instructions Follow exactly below, you will be able to design a spiral braid yourself at the end. You should first form a deep parting on the right side. Then, put all of your hair over your left shoulder. Divide the hair into three equal parts for each DIY herringbone braid. Take a small strand from one side, cross it along the top, and add it to the opposite side. Now take a thin strand from the other side, cross it again and add it to the opposite side. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you get to the end of the braid.


Decorate your braid 

Loosen the braid a little by gently pulling on the sides. This will make the braid bigger. Tie the braid at the bottom with a hair elastic. Now braid two more herringbone braids with the rest of the hair, again following steps 1 through 8. Once you’ve braided all of your hair into braids, twist it around itself, making a single, spiral-shaped one DIY herringbone braid is created. Tie the three braids together at the bottom with another hair elastic. Remove any previous hair ties. Take your favorite hair clip and pin it at the top of the braid. This should be approximately at the level of the left ear.


A styling tip

Before you start braiding your DIY herringbone braid, create a few curls for an even more feminine look. Rub some argan oil into the tips of your hair to keep dry strands hydrated.

Styling tip - herringbone braid


Herringbone braid instructions


Herringbone braiding instructions

Herringbone braid-casual-design


Take a look at the video instructions for help

We hope you enjoy trying it out and we would be delighted if you proudly wear your finished hairstyle made from a DIY herringbone braid.


Ponytail combined with herringbone braid

herringbone braid instructions styling idea loose loop ponytail

Combine braids

herringbone braid instructions wreath idea variant hairstyle brunette hair