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Do you want to make the bun hairstyle more interesting?


the Bun hairstyle is not only a classic women’s hairstyle, but it is also very popular among women. Depending on how it is styled, the bun can go well with your day or evening look, it looks very good at an official event or is super suitable during your vacation by the sea.

The bun hairstyle – a couple of original ideas for beautiful hair

slightly twisted bun hairstyle head tip

Today we not only adorn the neck, ears and hands, we could also put jewelry in the hair. Hair accessories can make any neat hairstyle more attractive and complement your vision. If the bun is your favorite hairstyle that you shape a lot, today we have some cool suggestions for you on how to make this hairstyle even more interesting.

The bun hairstyle is always in trend


Small metal tips will be a big hit among accessories in spring and summer 2014. You can find them on shoes, bags, T-shirts and jewelry. To have a few of these in your hair as well, you’ll need a thin leather bracelet with rivets. If you’ve already made the bun, then place the bracelet with the metal tips in your hair.

A bun hairstyle with decoration made of metal tips


You can use different ribbons or strips for this idea. Even after you’ve styled your bun, tie a hair elastic and intertwined ribbons and bows as an accent. This will make your bun look a lot more attractive!

Interweave floral motifs


If you want more color, add fresh or fake flowers to your hair. The idea presented in the second picture is achieved through a small elastic band, covered with roses. You can certainly find this in the cosmetic stores, in the hair accessories department. Flowers in your hair are for those of you who are about to head to the altar. See how, with a little imagination, you can turn the hair of the bride-to-be into something beautiful.

A hair towel or scarf in your hair


Small scarves get new functions, besides being an accessory around your neck, you can use them as an addition to your hair. They look great there too! Or not?

Colorful addition – the sound


The cloth encircles the bun ring


Use simple hair clips to fix it

Ballerina hair style with knots

The bun ring is made of plastic





high bun hairstyle trends hair style