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Dirndl hairstyles – 34 trendy and unusual Oktoberfest hairstyles

Dirndl hairstyles updos hair accessories

In less than two months we will hear the highly anticipated “O’zapft is!” Again and the Oktoberfest will open. In keeping with the Bavarian costume fashion, every girl will be one of the traditional ones Dirndl hairstyles choose and decorate your hair with floral decorations or trendy hair accessories. Up hairstyles with or without a braid are styled with large rose or meadow blossoms. In any case, you will look magical and elegant if you opt for this romantic look with real flowers in your hair.

Dirndl hairstyles – the classic braid


Nowadays, most of the ladies at Oktoberfest prefer to wear the classic two braids, braided on the side. The proven Dirndl hairstyles from the old Bavarian peasant days bring contemporary traditional notes to the Oktoberfest. The influence of the sweet fine braids with frayed, curving hair tips and strands is overwhelmingly beautiful.


Dirndl hairstyles then and now


Naturally wavy hair, pinned up and with a fine braid as a diadem, with free ends of hair is one of the trendiest Dirndl hairstyles at the Oktoberfest.

A bun made of pigtails


A fashionable bun made of pigtails provides extravagance and is timelessly beautiful. Braid a small side braid and go further by braiding a thick braid down all over your hair. With bobby pins you can attach the braid to the neck in the shape of a snail. If you don’t want straight hair on top you can tease it a bit and style it backwards with hairspray. Voilá! The pigtail hairstyle is there!

Dirndl-hairstyles-hair-wreath-braiding-straehnchen-take out

A beer-proof appearance with chic braided hairstyles


The French braid from the left is voluminous and naturally braided thanks to the curling iron. The hairstyle with a chignon on the neck looks very elegant thanks to the matching floral decorations and the playful plait along the forehead. Your very special Oktoberfest hairstyle could be one of the two.


Magical hairstyles with a braid as a headband

Oktoberfest hairstyle with pigtail Oktoberfest jewelry

Dirndl hairstyles with braids




Flowers and hair accessories are powerful expressions of femininity


Hairstyle for Oktoberfest with hair accessories and headband


Updo-with-flower hair accessories

Dramatic braid and curved hair ends


 The Bavarian princess perfectly styled


Nostalgic retro hairstyles for dirndls


Dirndl hairstyle with fashionable hair accessories

With a cross parting and two long braids

Lagerfeld and Salma Hayek in traditional costume and Oktoberfest hairstyle


two-long-pigtails-with-parting-and a beer-mug

The powerful side braid

with a braid on the back of the head

Decorate the braid with real flowers

With-flowers-in-braid-traditional costume-Oktoberfest hairstyle


Open natural hair for Oktoberfest



Teenage Schoolgirl Hairstyles Oktoberfest

Decorate the braids with satin ribbons


The classic bun and straightened hair for Oktoberfest

Bun hairstyles for Oktoberfest

The valuable steps to the creation of a braid