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Create a twisted ponytail hairstyle quickly


Do you want a look like a catwalk? In our braided and updo hairstyles series, we want to show you today how you can easily twist your hair at home Ponytail hairstyle can do. This is a quick fix to your hairstyle when you don’t have time to style the hair. Today we want to show you how you can make a ponytail low in the neck and what the models look like at the Celine fashion show.

The steps for the twisted ponytail hairstyle


How do you start with the twisted Ponytail hairstyle – wash your hair and gently pat it dry with a soft bath towel. While it’s still damp, wear a suitable product that will protect it from the heat of the dryer. Only then can you dry your hair as usual with a hairbrush and a blow dryer. If you want a little extra volume on the roots, apply a moisturizing spray foam.

The ponytail hairstyle – taming the hair


For more glitter in the hair, the hairdressers use hair gloss or spray, starting from the hair roots and continuing to apply it to the ends, this ensures the desired effect and gives the hair a creamy texture. Comb your hair strictly backwards and use an elastic band to form a ponytail at the nape of the neck.

Twist your tail bent upwards. Use the second elastic band to secure the ends of the hair. The braid elastic needs to go through the entire ponytail to hold the braid hairstyle in place. If your hair is longer, you would probably need two more small bobby pins to hold it in well.

If your hair is not very long, leave the ends off and you have a catwalk braided hairstyle. Finally, set the hair in place with hairspray. Note that very large earrings will go with the hairstyles that leave the face open. This will make your look even more interesting.

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