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Braid a bohemian braid – summer decoration for your hair


In the heat of the summer days our clothes are casual, with many floral motifs and made of thin, light fabrics. But what about our hairstyles? The hair is left free in the evening in line with the mood, but be sure to do so to braid hair, I’m sure it will look interesting.

Braid a bohemian braid – trust your creativity


You sure can be a bohemian to braid hair – use just one strand and frame the head, or create a fishbone look with a braid that encompasses all the hair strands. Then decorate the braid with flowers, colored elastics or a headscarf.

 Braid a bohemian braid – short instructions


First, stand in front of the mirror and prepare everything you need such as bobby pins, comb, elastic bands nearby. In the mirror you can observe the hairstyle from all sides and correct every detail. For easier hair processing when you use the to braid hair, you may need the appropriate hairspray.

Braid the braid as a crown


1. Highlight with one to braid hair – Start from the right side of the head. Take a small strand. Next to the ear area you should have a simple one to braid hair. After the braid is done, make a sheer hair elastic on the end. Then place the braid over your head as a tiara and secure it next to your left ear with a bobby pin. Use hair lacquer to secure the braid better.

2. Crown hairstyle from two braids – this version is almost like the first, but here two braids are braided from the whole hair. Create a hairstyle as if you had one on either side of your face to braid hair want, and then ‘hit’ the two braids on top of your head.

Braid a herringbone braid


You probably know this hairstyle and can style the hair beautifully. Here either part of the hair is left exposed, or you take all the highlights and form a crown around the face, using the herringbone to braid hair.

The bohemian braid is chic and practical


Hollywood stars with bohemian braid


A flower as a decoration 


Herringbone braid with slack hair


Bohemian hairstyle with a braid 






bohemian french style hairstyle