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Autumn hairstyles 2016 – the most popular trends and hair colors

Autumn hairstyles uchsrote-hair-medium-long-curly

Oh, you wonderful autumn, with your golden and red flair in the hair color selection! Be stylish and in step with this last warm season, so will the Fall Hairstyles 2016 worn to match the clothes and the season. The color palette will vary from dark blonde to hazelnut brown to copper and mahogany. But it is quite certain that the short haircuts are preferred and the longer hair is refreshed with natural waves or adorned with autumn accessories. Deep parting and bob hairstyles are going to be among the top preferred hairstyles this season too. Anyone who has not yet been brave to change their appearance has the opportunity to think about a short haircut. Fresh and very light copper color will definitely keep you on a certain higher mood day after day.

Fall Hairstyles 2016

Autumn hairstyles short-hair-straight-bangs-messed up

The asymmetrical short hairstyles are a very trendy and popular choice in the fall. Show style and elegance with the red color and be creative with the earrings. Magnificent long earrings or earrings made from Swarovski or valuable zirconia stones add glamor and femininity to your outfit. The newest Fall Hairstyles 2016 abandon the strands of hair style. So, forget about the completely straight hair and give your hair more curl. Free ends of hair and casual fringes are in the foreground. The contours around the face can be followed and your facial features will immediately look younger and softer.

Autumn hairstyles 2016 – hippie style


Because the hippie has long since become a landmark for the long hair with a straight parting in the middle, a hair bow or a hairband with autumn flowers made of fabric, directly on the forehead with loose hair, will also be worn in the coming autumn. Fall Hairstyles 2016 like on the catwalk, every fashion-conscious woman acquaints herself with the latest trends, and convinces you visually and afterwards with your favorite hairdresser which haircut is best for her.

Bob Hairstyles 2016 – 27 ideas for cuts and styling

Short hairstyles for women – get inspired

The right hairstyle depending on the shape of the face – what suits whom?



Autumn hairstyles honey blonde strawberry red plaid dress




Hazelnut and chocolate hair colors are very popular in the fall


Bob hairstyles styled with long bangs and fringes to the front

Short haircut gold orange hair choice

You can’t resist the classic bob hairstyles


Artistically styled copper hair


Pony is back in


The lighter highlights will refresh your hair style

Jessica Biel medium length hair

Hair accessories are a real eye-catcher in autumn

Metal-elements-golden-colors-hair accessory

Bun with free ends of hair

Bun updo for autumn

Red is the leading runner this season and the absolute winner


Short bangs and colored eyebrows


Long side parting with a bob hairstyle


Gradually lighten the hair


Atmospheric with the autumn colors in your own hair

Headband made of knitted hair accessory

Hair accessories-feather-hair-long-hair


Autumn hairstyles-cuts-and-Haraccessoires