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An interesting DIY braided hairstyle for the party


In case you have long hair and are looking for one DIY braided hairstyle that you can try for an occasion soon, we have some inspiration for you today. When this hair styling is done, it seems like it was done using an intricate technique. In reality, it is not that difficult to imitate. We’ll show you how.

A DIY braided hairstyle to do yourself

Braided hairstyle-do-it-yourself-black-long-hair

All you have to do is take a strand of hair from either side, leaving gaps between each new row, and braid them with a strand from the middle. When you get to the end of the hair, tie the braid in place with a hair elastic. To this already beautiful DIY braided hairstyle To make it even prettier, you can also add cute little flowers or other accessories. You can choose the hairstyle for an evening party as well as a bridal hairstyle if you want.

DIY braided hairstyle- the hit this year


An elegant and stylish solution for a party is definitely one DIY braided hairstyle. If you have long hair you can style it individually and choose the shape of the braid. Wavy hair has more volume and looks classy. The braid in the straight hair takes away from its severity and gives the hairstyle an elegant touch. We’ll show you a few DIY braided hairstyles that you can also combine and decorate with hair accessories.


Volume hair


DIY braided hairstyle for girls

Bow-ribbon-half-open-straight-hair-with-braids-at the side

Hair accessories look great



Set accents with a braided hairstyle