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8 examples of hair accessories as an accessory for the hair


If you don’t know how to decorate your hair, we’ve prepared eight examples. Improvise with the ideas and try your own as well Hair accessories as an accessory to tinker.

A hair accessory as an accessory for every occasion


Depending on the shape, color and cut of your hair, choose the right accessories. For the evening you can trust the glitter decorations and for the day you can take something simple.

Hair accessories as an accessory – 1. The classic bow


The bow can be worn in a variety of ways. It doesn’t matter whether you wear your hair pinned up, open or half-open.

2. The hair band


This Hair accessories as an accessory has changed a lot since it flourished at Hillary Clinton in the 1990s. The hair band is available in a wide variety of colors and with a wide variety of decorations. Choose one with rhinestones and you can wear it to work as well as official occasions.

3. The flower


It makes absolutely no difference whether you have a real flower or an artificial flower to match your outfit Hair accessories as an accessory choose for hair. Just tuck it behind your ear. A little tip is that it is best to wear them on the smaller side of the parting.

4. The elastic hair band


Learn how to do this in this video Hair accessories as an accessory can work into the hair. This is how you get a gorgeous accent in your updo or half-open hairstyle.

5. Effects from stars

hair jewelry accessories ideas guide

While this accessory has no real use, it does put the overall look into context.

6. Hair chalk You can color your hair with special hair chalk. It’s not difficult to do at all and the best part is that it can be washed out again. There are an infinite number of colors available so you can find the right one.

7. The diadem


The perfect dream wedding for every girl includes a pretty tiara for a princess look. And it’s no wonder, too, when you consider how pretty this one is Hair accessories as an accessory looks like.

8. Decorative bobby pins


This type is probably the easiest to decorate hair. The decorative bobby pins are also a great and easy way to keep hair off your face during the day.

The stars are an accessory that has eternal beauty