Wash basins for modern bathrooms – these 30 designs are real eye-catchers!

Washbasin for modern bathrooms round-countertop-ceramic-scarabeo-mizu1

When planning a bathroom, the choice of bathroom furniture and bathroom fittings plays a decisive role – the right washbasin, bathtub and shower cubicle give the room character and add the final touch to the bathroom design. Numerous variants – countertop basins with base units, built-in basins or even free-standing designs – are available. We’ll show you 30 washbasins for modern bathrooms that automatically attract attention with their timeless, elegant look. Round, oval or square, made of the trendy Corian or the classic marble – choose your favorite design! Pictured above – Design Mizu by Scarabeo.

Wash basins for modern bathrooms – round countertop basins create attractive contrasts to the angular washbasin


The first three designs are from the Italian brand Scarabeo. The washbasins fascinate with their perfect details and timeless, elegant round shape. Mizu is the name of the product shown above – it was made of ceramic and consists of two parts. Together with a wooden washbasin and bathroom fitting made of stainless steel, the countertop basin forms an attractive ensemble.

Square sinks for modern bathrooms are growing in popularity


The design Tsunami by Scarabeo adds a modern touch to the interior with its angular shape. Made of metal or ceramic, the washbasin is available as a wall-mounted version as well as a countertop basin and will spice up the simple, boring-looking minimalist bathroom.

Available at Scarabeoceramica

Soft oval shapes characterize the design of Alape Sb


Sb is the name of the latest proposal from the Italian company Alape Sb – the ceramic countertop basin scores with its oval shape – the soft curves of the washbasin automatically attract attention. Sb fits in harmoniously in both modern and classically designed bathrooms.

To the washbasin of Alape

A rectangular washbasin gives the room structure – design by DSG Ceramiche

Washbasin-modern-bathroom-brown-built-in basin-porcelain-dsgceramiche-porcelain

The angular washbasin by DSG Ceramiche sets accents in the modern bathroom – the design is made of ceramic and laid with natural stone tiles. The wide, all-round edge provides a surface for soap and co. The attractive color creates exciting contrasts in the room.

Another expressive design – this time made of sandstone by DSG Ceramiche

Washbasins for modern bathrooms built-in basins-angular-sandstone-dsgceramiche-porcelain1

If desired, the design can also be made of sandstone – this makes the washbasin a nice addition to the bathroom in a modern country house style. The high-quality processing can also be seen here in the details – especially the edges.

The designs of DSG Ceramiche

Pedestal washbasin Splash by Antonio Lupi


Splash scores with space-saving design and functionality


The talented designers of the Antonio Lupi company love to experiment with different shapes. The end result is impressive – behind the futuristic construction by Design Splash there is a functional, space-saving wash basin.

Minimalist concept and innovative design in one – Soffio by Antonio Lupi


 Soffio by Antonio Lupi with reduced forms


The Serio Sofio washbasin from the renowned manufacturer Antonio Lupi also looks filigree and scores with an innovative concept – the design is equipped with LED lighting.

To the Antonio Lupi collection

 Design by Granitfianrde – Xtra


The special thing about the Xtra design is the seamless transition between the washbasin and the washbasin. The model is made of granite and fascinates not only with its clear design language, but also with its monochrome color scheme. Perfect for everyone who likes simple elegance.

To the collection of Granite Fiandre

Practical design for small bathrooms – Cubik by Ideagroup

Washbasin-modern-bathroom-built-in basin-base cabinet-wood-ideagroup-cubik

At Ideagroup, functionality comes first – the Cubik washbasin is a space-saving variant for small bathrooms. The wooden cabinet under the countertop basin offers storage space for soaps, bathroom accessories and towels.

The collection of Ideagroup

Ceramilux pedestal washbasin by Falper


The pedestal washbasin has enjoyed great popularity lately – with good reason as it offers more flexibility in interior design. In addition, pedestal washbasins with an architectural design are real eye-catchers.

To the bathroom furniture by Falper

Marble washbasin – Carera by Rexa


Washstand and wash basin in one – Design Carera


The Carera design presents a minimalist concept. The countertop basin was made from an actually classic material marble. The clear lines of the washbasin, however, allow the attractive grain of the natural stone to come into its own.

To the bathroom furniture by Rexa

Slim from Momadesign


The Slim double washbasin by Momadesign is compact and functional – perfect for young couples who never have enough time in the morning. Two drawers are integrated in the design – there is space for bathroom accessories, make-up items and towels.

To the designs of Momadesign

 Terra by Mosa is made entirely of granite


Terra is the name of the next proposal from the design studio Mosahome, based in the Netherlands. The small washbasin is mounted on the wall and can be perfectly staged in the modern bathroom. Above all, the high-quality production and the attractive color are what make it so attractive. One thing is certain – Terra is a real eye-catcher.

The Milestone washbasin from Teuco

Washbasin for modern bathrooms-freestanding-angular-marble look-teuco-milestone

Mileston is a wall-mounted washbasin with a stylish marble look. The slightly rounded edges give the otherwise simple design additional charm. The combination between the wooden wall cladding and the Mileston washbasin looks particularly stylish.

Wall-mounted washbasin – Paper by Teuco

Washbasin-modern-bathroom-white-ceramic-washbasin-double basin-teuco-paper

And since innovation and function go hand in hand at Teuco, the Paper washbasin impresses not only with its larger contact surface, but also with a design inspired by the Japanese art of origami. The double washbasin is offered in a matt white color.

Wash basins for modern bathrooms – Iboardi by Teuco


The third design – Iboardi by Teuco – adds the finishing touches to monochrome bathrooms. Together with the bathtub from the same collection, the washbasins form a beautiful ensemble.

The Teuco collection

 Blackpearl from Royalbotania


Royalbotania recently launched a new collection. Under the name Schwarze Perle, the designers created two round washbasins that can be perfectly staged on a wooden washstand. Because without contrasts, bathroom design looks boring.

To the collection of Royalbotania

Buchan by James De Wulf

Washbasin-modern-bathroom-vanity-natural stone-granite-jamesdewulf-buchan

The designer James de Wulf specializes in the manufacture of concrete furniture – his tables are very popular behind the ocean. Now it’s the turn of the bathroom furniture – Buchan is the name of his latest design. Washbasin and washbasin in one, the concrete work of art can be placed in the room as desired.

To the designs of James De Wulf

Calcata wash bowl by TCC Whitestone


The wash bowl Calcata in dramatic black color just can’t let go of your eyes. The design by TCC Whitestone sets accents in the minimalist bathroom.

Space-saving design wonder cube from TCC Whitestone

Washbasins for modern bathrooms Built-in basin-metal-angular-wooden base cabinet tccwhitestone-cube

The cube-shaped washbasin with base unit from TCC Whitestone fits in both large and small bathrooms. Behind the handle-free doors there is enough space for bathroom accessories.

Charming contrasting travertine from TCC Whitestone


Made of travertine and wood, the next design from Tcc Whitestone is for those who want something special. The attractive combination of two natural materials makes the bathroom look homely.

Sink for modern bathrooms – Marble by TCC Whitestone


A marble vanity adds the finishing touches to the minimalist bathroom design.

The collection of TCC Whitestones

Design Goccia by Franchigroup fascinates with its natural look

Washbasin-modern-bathroom-natural stone-franchigroup-goccia

The Goccia washbasin is inspired by nature. The washbasin is made of natural stone and the surface is sanded extra fine.

Wash basins for modern bathrooms – Orizonte by Franchigroup


Marble washbasin with an extra long washbasin – the Orizonte design offers an alternative for narrow bathrooms.

To the collection of Franchise group

Washbasin for modern bathrooms – Cube by Marko made of ceramic

Wash basin for modern bathroom-white-wood-base cabinet-macro-cube

Wash basins for modern bathrooms – Cube of macro of metal


The Design Cube is a slim, built-in washbasin – available in metal and ceramic. The bathroom fittings can also be mounted on the side.

To the collection of macro

Wash basin for modern bathroom – Jp by Mg12


Wash basins for modern bathrooms – Marble by Mg12


The designs of MG 12 are made entirely of marble and the bathroom fittings are integrated in the sink. Compact and stylish – you couldn’t really ask for more.

To the designs of MG12

Modern washbasins – Gap by Rifra


At Riffra, wall-mounted washbasins are currently in vogue – the Gap design attracts attention with its unusual construction.

Washbasin for modern bathrooms Plano by Rifra

Washbasin-modern-bathroom-white-built-in basin-rifra-plano

The built-in variant looks light and can be integrated harmoniously into modern living spaces. Perfect in the event that the bathroom merges seamlessly into the sleeping area.

To the collection of Rifra

Pure modernity with the Dtaglio washbasin from Rexa

Washbasin-white-Corian-modern-stainless steel-fittings-rexa-dtaglio

Pure modernity – this is how the Dtaglio design by Rexa can be described. The washstand in matt white gives the bathroom interior the finishing touches.