Valuable tips for a harmonious bathroom design in an Asian style


In order to be able to work effectively and creatively, it is extremely important to have a good rest. The good relaxation after each working day increases the feeling of well-being, promotes creativity and concentration. This fact has long been known to the hotel industry – hotels of all categories have all imaginable spa facilities and offer their guests the opportunity to indulge in wellness and beauty treatments in an enchantingly relaxing Zen environment. Fortunately, a high-quality spa and wellness experience with an Asian flair is no longer a privilege of the upper class of society. Almost everyone can afford the little luxury in their own bathroom – and without spending a lot of money on it. With the use of suitable materials and elements, the design of your bathroom alone gives you a relaxed wellness atmosphere. What are the most important elements for a harmonious Asian style bathroom design, learn more in the next sections.

Basic elements of the Asian bathroom design


Asian-inspired bathroom designs are somehow a magnet for Westerners. Due to the close connection with nature, bathroom design in the Asian style is enjoying increasing popularity. The bathroom should only be a place full of harmony. The Eastern tradition is about simplicity and natural beauty in its purist form.

When it comes to bathroom design in the Asian style, one should take into account the fact that Asian design is as diverse as the Asian continent itself. The term for Asian furnishing style has a wide variety of meanings in Western cultures and regions. In Australia, for example, furnishings from Bali, Indonesia and Thailand are associated with the Asian style, while in Europe and North America the Japanese tradition is more popular.

Bathing art in Japan


Design bathrooms, based on the Japanese art of bathing, bring daily body care rituals to a higher level. The Japanese Zen bath is a place with a meditative character, where you can withdraw in peace. A typical feature of the Japanese baths is the separate toilet: bathing and cleaning take place separately from each other.

Bathroom design in the Asian style: what is typical?


Natural materials are suitable for a zen bathroom. Surfaces and fronts in bamboo, walnut or zebrano wood and floors made of black natural stone bring warmth and comfort to the bathroom. Bathroom furniture with a minimalist and reduced design and a clear, straight silhouette give your bathroom the right Zen atmosphere. As a highlight, bathroom furniture can also be staged with a harmonious, flowing design.

A cozy bathroom ambience is created with natural materials


Sinks and bathtubs in the Asian-style bathroom look handcrafted. The natural look is in demand. It reflects the traditional Asian handicrafts and craftsmanship of stone, wood and leather.

Asian bathroom look: which are the right colors?

modern-bathroom-design-with-an-asian-note-walk-in-shower-wood-vanity unit

The preferred colors in the Asian bathrooms are natural colors. Earthy tones, glowing orange, sun yellow, fiery red immerse your bathroom in the beauty of the Asian continent.

Light in the bathroom


Large panorama windows and direct access to the outside area convey an incomparable spa feeling. An Asian bathroom needs to be flooded with natural light. If this is not enough, selected lighting fixtures should be straight so that you get the right bathroom design in an Asian look.

Asian bathroom furnishings in combination with a spa ambience


Light, air, water and sound complete the harmonious ensemble. The rushing water of an indoor fountain, for example, can provide relaxation, freshness and serenity. Those who do not like to do without technological additions can equip their bathroom with a contemporary audio system.

Elements of the Asian-inspired furnishing style

Ideas-bathroom design-asian-elements-figures-houseplants-wall decorations-picture

Bath towels that hang around the bathroom or are rolled up convey more comfort. Combined with bamboo mats, Japanese partitions and sliding doors in rice paper look, decorated with white orchid flowers, scented candles and decorative sculptures – the appropriate accessories transform your bathroom into a dreamy spa temple. A stylish mix of western and Asian elements in the interior that reflects your personality would of course be the best solution. However, the general rule is: keep the bathroom clean and simple.

Luxurious bathroom design in Asian style

luxury-bathroom-design-ideas-built-in-bath-tub-round-whirlpool-scented candles-decoration

In harmony with nature

Bathroom-natural stone-vanity-board-shower-cubicle-partition-glass

Place of calm and serenity


Contrast in material and color

bathroom-furniture-in-the-Asian-bathroom-white-tub-free-standing-wall-shelf-towels-rolled up

Asian-inspired-bathroom-design-wooden-floor-countertop basin




55 bathroom tile ideas

Bathroom-floor-with-river stones-white-ideas-Asian-style-wooden-furniture-vintage

Bathroom-ideas-natural-materials-sink-table-back wall-tiles-hieroglyphics

Lighting-ideas-bathroom-Asian-style-wall decoration-mosaic tiles-design-vanity

Flower jewelry bathroom wall tiles sandstone look interior design ideas





Wood-wall cladding-bathroom-design-tub-rectangular-design-built-in shelves



Wall design-wooden floorboards-bathroom-zen-ambience-bathtub-skylight

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