Vacation in the bathroom: tips for a Mediterranean ambience

mediterranean bathroom modern-white-gray-turquoise-accessories

A Mediterranean flair in the bathroom awakens the feeling of being on holiday and invites you to spend relaxing hours. Because what could be nicer than enjoying a touch of luxury in your own wellness area after a stressful day? This dream can come true, because with the right furnishings, every bathroom can be transformed into an oasis of calm.

Simple shapes and high quality materials

mediterranean bathroom modern-furnishing ideas-turquoise-accessories

This furnishing style is more reminiscent of the lifestyle around the Mediterranean like no other: the Mediterranean look also creates a summery atmosphere in the bathroom. Simple shapes and clear lines are in the foreground in the Mediterranean furnishings. Whether washbasin, mirror cabinet or bathroom cabinet – high-quality and functional designer furniture, for example, is the perfect basis with this provider can order. There is a wide range of individual and modern bathroom furniture made from exclusive materials.

Bathroom furniture is also given an elegant look by high-gloss surfaces, which are produced in a process of painting, sanding and polishing that takes days. The current trend is to combine white high-gloss lacquers with a wood look; add accessories such as soap dispensers or towel rails made of stainless steel and the harmonious overall picture is perfect. Designer furniture certainly costs its price – but thanks to its high quality it still looks like new even after years and does not lose its shine.

Color design based on the Roman model


In ancient Rome, thermal baths weren’t just a place for body care, but above all an oasis of calm and relaxation. Even then, the color design played an important role. In the Mediterranean style, the strong blue of the Mediterranean and warm terracotta tones are the most popular colors for the interior. Terracotta is the name for unglazed clay, which was used in ancient times to make tiles and vessels.


Tiles made of natural stone or mosaic tiles are ideal for floor and wall design and create an authentic Mediterranean ambience. The spatula technique is also a popular way to give the walls a Mediterranean flair. Towels, toothbrush cups and plants add color accents. What you should consider when choosing the plants is in this article.

mediterranean-bathroom-accessories-decoration-snail shells

Another feature of the Mediterranean area: furniture and accessories made of rattan, marble and artfully forged iron. Open shelves made of wickerwork create a light atmosphere. Together with carefully selected decorative objects that may be treasures from your last vacation, they ensure a Roman lifestyle in your own bathroom.

Let this picture inspire you for your Mediterranean bath!



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