Unique 3D bathroom visualizations by two talented designers

3d bathroom visualizations Semsa Bilge colorful paint wooden floor

Who doesn’t want to own a house with a perfect interior design? With immaculate bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens? Bathroom too? If you want a modern and colorful bathroom, take a look at these unique ones 3D bathroom visualizations from Daymon Studios and Semsa Bilge.

The 3D bathroom visualizations from Semsa Bilge

3d bathroom visualizations Semsa Bilge mosaic tiles japanese flair

Bright colors and graphic prints that seem to jump off the wall can be seen in the designs by Semsa Bilge. The combination of graphics that cover the walls and sinks in light colors gives the designs a fresh and bright feel. Perhaps the greatest impression is made by the bathroom design, where the famous woodcut from “The Great Wave of Kanagawa” by the Japanese Edo artist Hokusai is integrated. The walls, tiles and the edge of the tub are coordinated with the Japanese theme.

3d bathroom visualization Semsa Bilge mosaic tiles wood bathroom furniture  3d bathroom visualization designer Semsa Bilge wood beige white

bathroom planning brown beige Semsa Bilge

bathroom design gray purple carpet feminine Semsa Bilge

Daymon created 3D bathroom visualizations, which represent the concept for a smaller bathroom with a colorful and puristic design. The designs are visually appealing as they are all luxurious, comfortable and have a natural touch.

3D bathroom visualizations from Daymon Studio for small rooms

small bathroom with sloping roof window Daymon Studio

Daymon Studio loves to create colorful, clean designs with lots of charm and personality. Beautiful, large, beige tiles on the walls and smaller, brown ones surround the rectangular tub. A simple mirror hangs on the wall and a wooden sink adds a natural touch. We find splashes of color in the towel and a vase. A floor mat brings a happy atmosphere into the small room.

bathroom visualization brown Daymon Studio corner tub

Here you have planned a bathroom in which one wall and the floor are covered in brown tiles, while the other wall and ceiling are in cream. This choice makes the room exciting by breaking traditional design rules.

 small bathroom design 3d visualization Daymon Studio

bathroom visualization brown wall tiles Daymon Studio  bathroom design wood white storage units Daymon Studio

3d bathroom visualizations daymon design bathtub small