Tile design in the bathroom for connoisseurs – play of colors and shapes

Tile design-bathroom-luxury-marble-freestanding-bathtub-double washbasin

Anyone who values ​​stylish bathroom design starts with the wall. So that the bathroom not only looks beautiful, but can also be kept clean, mold-free and germ-free without much effort is one Tile design in the bathroom advantageous. Depending on the shape, color shade, design and format, wall and floor tiles create completely different room atmospheres. Tiled surfaces look warm, appealing and provide a better feeling of living – even in a small bathroom.

Tile design in the bathroom according to modern design requirements

Tile design-bathroom-luxury-floor-ornaments-shape-colors-playful

When renovating your bathroom, you will probably think about which tiles are best for the wall and floor. Porcelain stoneware and ceramic tiles for bathroom design are a very convincing solution in terms of design – non-slip and extremely easy to clean and also usually available at low prices. Finely grained and in fascinating colors, ceramic tiles can be used as decor in the bathroom.

Mosaics in the bathroom – wall art with timeless charm

Tile design-bathroom-luxury-mosaic-design-circle-double washbasin

Are you looking for a bathroom with a feel-good factor? Mosaics in the bathroom combine antique charm with contemporary design requirements. Impressive pictures and harmonious color tones develop a great effect. Get the mosaic art straight to your home. With a little imagination, you can achieve wonderful results.

Ideas for the bathroom at home – large-format bathroom tiles

Tile design-bathroom-luxury-tiles-white-blue-pattern-ornaments

Wall and floor tiles in large format give you a calmer spatial effect. If you use the same tiles for the shower floor and wall, you increase the spatial generosity.

Wood tiles – a new bathroom trend

tile design-bathroom-luxury-parquet-floor-freestanding-bathtub-metal-vintage-washbasin-black

Are you looking for wow effects for your bathroom walls? How about a waterfall in the shower, a bathtub under the palm trees or the New York skyline on the wall? With impressive photo tiles you set personal accents in the bathroom. Picture tiles are colorful and impressive and are also suitable for any space.

Bring color to the wall


The walls in the bathroom can be tiled in white. It just doesn’t work without color in the bathroom. To do this, use the same tile size that you only select in a different color. In this way, you can set beautiful accents at an affordable price Tile design in the bathroom.

Colors are important for a successful bathroom design

wavy-pattern-wall-tiles-design-porcelain stoneware-bathroom-ideas

Colored borders in strong turquoise, fuchsia, gold or poison green provide variety in the wall design. The color spreads liveliness and conveys warmth, soothes and invigorates.

Tile design in the bathroom creates 3d effects

Wall design-bathroom-luxury-equipment-tiles-3d-optic-upholstery-look-gold-accents

Floor and wall cladding with mosaic tiles

Wall covering-mosaic tiles-flooring-pixel-black-white

Bathroom tiles in monochrome colors

Wall cladding-large-format-natural stone tiles-floor-mosaic tiles-form

Round shaped mosaic tiles


Bathroom wall design with marble tiles


Wall border with mosaic tiles

3d-calf tiles-border-along-the-sink-set-harmonious-shades of color

Ceramic mosaic tiles convey ancient charm






Ceramic-Tile-Turquoise-Cobalt Blue-Wall-Design-Bathroom-Mirror-Round

Tile design-in-the-bathroom-vanity-area-subtle-pink-mosaic-glass-tiles

Bathroom-wall design-mosaic floors-floral-motifs-pink-playful

Bathroom-back wall-vanity-3d-wall-tiles-ceramic-modern


Wall design-bathroom-tiles-ceramic-living room colors-white-green

pentagonal-designer-tile-design-bathroom-vanity area

Tile design-in-the-bathroom-mosaics-harmonious-color-transitions


Design-ideas-wall cladding-bathroom-green-tiles-harmonious-color shades

Ceramic tiles-bathroom-shower-black-white-checkerboard


ceramic-wall-floor-tiles-bathroom-spatial-generosity-wooden bathtub


Ideas-bathroom-wall design-design-natural stone-sandstone-wood-washbasin

Photo tiles-motif tiles-bathroom-trend-wall design-waterfall