Tile color ideas – 50 great variations for bathroom furnishings

hexagon tiles blue nuances ideas wooden chair tub retro

In the bathroom, you can let your imagination run wild in terms of colors. For example, if you only choose one main color, it can be represented in different nuances. However, several contrasting colors can also be combined to achieve a modern and upbeat look. This variant also includes bathrooms in rainbow colors. If you prefer a main color, you still have the option of adding tiles with patterns and surfaces to create an original look. Today we would like to give you 50 inspiring Tile colors ideas which you can of course also implement in your bathroom. There are colored examples in combination with white tiles, as well as monochrome combined tiles and those in earth tones, so that you are sure to find something that suits your taste. But just take a look for yourself!

Tile color ideas in blue and white

dark blue wall building tile colors ideas white checkerboard curtains tub

Blue is one of the most popular colors for the bathroom. The main reason for this is that it is very modern and elegant and can be combined with various other colors. However, blue can also only be used as an accent or in the form of a mosaic. The color also looks nice in combination with wood. Here are a few tile color ideas in blue and white.

Tile color ideas with blue as an accent color

accent blue white bathroom tile color mosaic console

Modern combination of tile colors in blue and white

bathroom white blue accent modern glass tile colors ideas

Tile color ideas with red

red bathroom mosaic gray white accent idea mirror sink

Of course, red shouldn’t be missing from our list of tile color ideas. This passionate color gives the bathroom warmth and makes it a very special room in which you can simply feel good. Again, you can combine the color with white. In this case, loosen up the otherwise too intrusive color a little.

Idea with red as an accent color in combination with gold

design classy red gold mosaic pattern console mirror cabinet

Tile colors ideas – Red mosaic tiles as the main color

white red design mosaic ideas passion atmosphere bathroom

Red as the tile color for two accent walls

wall accent bathroom red white mosaic bathtub high gloss

Combine red tile color with white and parquet 

ideas colors tiles mosaic parquet red glass

Light, warm colors as tile color ideas

orange tile colors ideas wall floor white bathtub chandelier

If red is too extravagant for you, you can of course also choose lighter colors in order to achieve the same effect of a warm atmosphere. Orange and yellow or combinations thereof are wonderfully suitable. You are also welcome to combine them with green. This gives you a cheerful interior that is reminiscent of spring and always puts you in a good mood. But just check out the examples of these tile color ideas.

Tile colors in yellow, green and orange for a good mood

orange green yellow tile colors white spring atmosphere bathroom

Tile colors ideas – white bathroom with wall made of yellow tiles

yellow tiles rectangular retro attic bathroom white bathtub

Noble, golden tile color in combination with black marble

gold tiles noble black bathroom ideas marble

Tile colors ideas from earth tones

tile color ideas mosaic pattern blaetter red brown modern

You can achieve an equally warm atmosphere by choosing tiles in earth tones. The bathroom looks more natural. You can achieve this with tiles made of stone or with tiles that imitate wood. Combine different nuances for a little variety. Then add wooden furniture and the look is complete. The bathroom is given a modern look by high-gloss furniture. Here are a few tile color ideas to match:

stone tiles colors brown white noble design ideas

noble tile pattern brown cream bathtub corner shower parquet

stripes pattern bathroom tile colors ideas earth tones sink

spa design stone tiles wall wood pebbles bathtub

Monochrome tile colors ideas

bathroom black and white minimalist plants tile-colored pedestal washbasin

The tile color ideas are also very modern and popular. Whether in black and white or gray or a combination of all three colors – you can’t go wrong with them.

bright monochrome bathroom modern gray black mosaic ideas

tiles rough pattern gray white stripes shower bath tub ideas

monochrome bathroom tile colors gray light blue mosaic accent

monochrome black white tiles matt stone ideas window

black white brown mosaic tiles ideas modern tub

Tile colors ideas – colorful variants

bathroom white design color accents colorful tiles ideas rainbow

And if you love it really nice and colorful, then these tile color ideas are just right for you. Be brave with the implementation, combine contrasting colors with each other or just use the tiles to add some colorful accents. It all depends on your taste, because after all, you should feel good in your bathroom.

colorful tile colors rainbow floor black bathroom deisgn idea

colorful tiles orange red blue green bathroom ideas

yellow blue contrast tile colors combination modern bathroom orchid

You can take a look at more tile color ideas below:

simple design bathroom beige high gloss tile color marble white

royal purple tiles gold curtain bathtub idea elegant beige

white blue bathroom tile colors ideas abstract shower modern

furnishing bathroom gray pattern tiles white purple bathroom rugs

royal blue mosaic tile parquet sink console mirror plant

brown wood natural green accent bathroom tile color shower curtain

beige blue pastel wall cladding bathroom tile colors

bathroom contrast tile colors ideas brown blue mosaic

atmosphere nature bathroom beige tile colors white shapes shelf wall niche

aqua mosaic design bathroom tile color bathtub

white tile colors rectangular green wall parquet white furniture

turquoise mosaic bath tile floor blue ideas colors

nature colors tile mosaic bathroom furniture ideas

mosaic green nuances furnishing ideas wood bathroom

high ceiling bathroom blue mosaic white marble tile-colored

high gloss modern brown white tile color console long

light blue maritime furnishing bathroom parquet mosaic ideas tile colors

granite bathroom tile colors ideas mosaic corner bath cabinet

tiles green bathroom nuances modern ideas organically shape

tile colors lime green black ideas bathroom furnishings organic

tile colors ideas black green white shower rain shower head

green wood furnishing bathroom tile colors ideas mosaic bathtub