The smart bathroom: 4 ideas for smart home technologies in the bathroom

Control the smart bathroom water flow via app

Nowadays everyone wants to be smart. Our houses are also being networked and automated. There are now numerous devices and technologies for the smart bathroom. From self-flushing toilets to intelligent mirrors and innovative fittings to app-controlled showers – the smart home trend provides far-reaching solutions that can increase efficiency and comfort in the bathroom. Such high-tech devices for the smart bathroom are not yet widespread, but the trend is upwards. Regardless of whether you are ready to invest in high-tech or are just interested in the existing options, here are four ideas that should significantly enhance the feel-good experience in the bathroom.

1. Smart showers

Smart shower in the smart bathroom Start the morning shower program

Most of us turn on the faucet to activate the water flow. With intelligent systems such as U by Moen, you can now control your shower by mobile phone, voice command or via a control panel before you go into the shower. The showers from US manufacturer Moen are not yet available in Germany, but they show what we can expect in the coming years.

You can switch the shower on and off from your smartphone and pause if necessary, for example when shampooing your hair. In addition to controlling the shower system, you can set shower preferences such as water temperature in the smartphone app. As soon as the personalized presets have been created in the app, the user can select which shower program he would like to start.

Smart Home Smart Bathroom Shower Voice Control Alexa Amazon Echo

You can control the shower by voice command because intelligent shower systems work with smart home-enabled devices. For example, you can tell Alexa (from Amazon) or Siri to turn on the shower or start the morning shower program.

A smart shower system isn’t a necessity, but for those interested in smart home technology, it could be something that can be added to your smart home features. Homeowners have the option of integrating their shower into their smart home system and enjoying the convenience of a connected lifestyle.

Control shower via app Water temperature shower program

Such technology could also have environmental benefits. With the warm-up and pause function, users can save water. With a smart shower system, users can also set timers for the length of the shower, which allows them to stay on schedule and control water usage.

There are now intelligent shower systems on the German market, such as Smart Water from Dornbracht, Amphiro and HydraO, which focus specifically on saving water. If you are looking for a smart shower system, do some research online and speak to your design professional to see which system could work in your home.

2. Smart bathroom mirrors

Verdera bathroom mirror with integrated lighting voice command Alexa Kohler

If you’re doing a detail-oriented task like shaving or applying makeup in the bathroom, bright light is a must. Now intelligent mirrors come to the rescue!

The Verdera bathroom mirror from Kohler is another Alexa-enabled product. The lighting integrated in the mirror can be set to a specific mode or to the desired percentage of full power by voice command. For example, you can say: “Alexa, switch the light on to make-up mode.” Or you can specify exactly how bright you want the light to be, such as “Alexa, set the brightness to 40 percent”.

Verdera smarter bathroom mirror control light

The Kohler mirror can also control the functions of the other, smart bathroom equipment and in this way offer a fully networked bathroom experience. The Kohler Konnect gadgets are controlled via the Konnect app, a voice command assistant or manually.

3. Smart toilets

neorest toto toilet smart

While not much different from a standard toilet in shape and design, the high-tech toilet offers features that are not obvious, but are quite practical. These include, for example, automatic control of the lid or automatic toilet hygiene flushing.

The Neorest by Toto offers both. The toilet features an antibacterial ceramic glaze that reduces the accumulation of bacteria and minimizes the growth of mold. Thanks to an electrolysis process, the water in the toilet stays clean. Each flush uses only 1.28 liters of water, making the toilet an environmentally friendly, sustainable choice.

Numi from Kohler

Numi is the name of Kohler’s innovative smart toilet. It can be individually adapted to the settings of each user, including ambient lighting, Bluetooth music transmission, seat heating and even a foot warmer function. Numi offers a personalized cleaning function while achieving exceptional water efficiency. Just like other Kohler Konnect products, the smart toilet can be controlled by voice command or an app.

Duravit BioTracer – app-controlled toilet with urinalysis

smart toilet Duravit Biotracer urinalysis

As the name suggests, the smart toilet can analyze the user’s urine fully automatically. The measured values ​​are then sent to the smartphone or tablet via the associated app. The BioTracer records ten indicators in the urine: glucose content, leukocyte count, blood percentage, protein value, ketone value, nitrite value, urine bilinogen value, bilirubin value, pH value and specific weight. If the measured values ​​deviate from the norm, the user will be informed immediately.

4. Contactless fittings

Touchless bathroom faucets save water

Contactless fittings have become common, especially in public toilets. Not only do they prevent people from running the water, they’re also more hygienic than standard options because you don’t have to touch the faucet controls to turn them on and off. However, these faucets can be difficult to use because you usually have to put your hands in a specific position.

Touchfree fitting from Dornbracht

Dornbracht Touchfree smart bathroom Contactless mixer

Touchfree from Dornbracht is a contactless fitting without a visible sensor on the tap. The water control is based on an active motion control from the field of high frequency technology. As soon as you approach the sink, the water flow is automatically activated. Similar to a motion detector, the water control can be programmed as desired. There are even settings for thermal disinfection and water temperature.

Control the Kohler Konnect toilet lid with the app

While many consumers may be interested in the smart home concept, there are likely many others who feel that such technology is not necessary in the bathroom. In the end, it probably comes down to personal preferences and the budget that is available for the smart bathroom.

The connected home is about smart home systems supposed to make our lives easier – even the small moments. Imagine that the water in the shower is brought to a comfortable temperature while you are undressing. It’s all about comfort and personalized settings.

Kohler Verdera Spiegel Alexa voice assistant