The Japanese Ofuro bathtub made of wood can heal

Ofuro bathtub wood-water-relax

the Ofuro bathtub is extremely popular in Japan for its incredible design and seductive look. You would feel better and more relaxed just by just looking at them. Here we present you beautifully designed Ofuro bathtubs from the land of the rising sun. Ofuro is a traditional Japanese bathtub that has been used in Japan for centuries. It is believed that this bathtub can help with all kinds of ailments, both physical and mental. It can improve your blood circulation and also help treat your joint pain.

Ofuro bathtub is basically made of wood

ofuro bathtub wood-rectangular-black-gravel-surrounded

No bath soap is used in the traditional Japanese Ofuro bathtub, as this could damage the wood from which the bathtub is made. But the effects of modernization can be felt here. Today these bathtubs are made of metal and porcelain, they also have various therapeutic functions. But for a real relaxation experience, we recommend that you stay true to the old masterpiece that the Japanese ancestors once used!

The traditional Ofuro bathtub reinterpreted


Ofuro bathtubs are also made from metal and porcelain


located on a gravel bed

Ofuro bathtub metakk-round-gravel-bed-zen

rectangular Ofuro bathtub with shelf


 Porcelain variant for the modern bathroom


exotic atmosphere

ofuro-bathtub-wood-white-orchid-red-rose petals


full relaxation for the body


Ofuro wooden bathtub designed by Matteo Thun