Stylish bathroom design ideas – the new trends for 2014

Ideas examples blue color wooden cabinet

We give you an overview of the latest trends in bathroom furnishings and present you with stylish and inspiring Bathroom design ideas.

Modern bathroom design ideas – trends for 2014

Bathroom design ideas green decoration modern puristic

Today, the bathroom is seen as an open area. That is why there has been a trend towards seamlessly connecting the bathroom to the bedroom. Sliding glass doors allow plenty of sunlight into the bathroom. the Bathroom design ideas of the renowned manufacturers impress with their minimalist appearance and functionality. So it is no wonder that the simple, purist shapes and color schemes will dominate in 2014 as well. The goal is clear – the bathroom should appear more spacious. This is why people often do without a bathtub – instead, the floor showers are totally in fashion. The wooden washbasin has successfully established itself in recent years. Handleless wall units offer additional storage space for bath towels. Mirror with integrated lighting compliments the overall look.

Bathroom design ideas for 2014 – decoration and accents

Bathroom furnishings fabric white cabinet

More and more manufacturers present Bathroom design ideas without tiles. Instead, accents are set by modern floor lamps, wooden floors and stylish shaggy carpets. Modern upholstered stools replace the plastic bench. Small statues, vases, plants, and even family photos decorate the open shelves and vanity. The modern bathroom is completely transformed – it often resembles a living room. The renowned Italian manufacturer Rab recently presented a collection of minimalist bathroom furniture. The design ideas inspire with successful color combinations and the use of natural materials.

Modern bathroom design in a minimalist style

Bathroom minimalist tendencies 2014 ideas

White-beige color scheme and original decoration

white beige cabinets stylish carpet

Bathroom with sliding glass door 

Color scheme bathroom bathroom tiles flow

Modern wooden bathroom furniture gives the room a cozy look

Wood Italian manufacturer trends 2014

minimalist bathroom design and accents with floor lights

Wall tiles interesting patterns ornaments mirrors

Glass shower cubicles make the bathroom look spacious

set up beige brown wood bathroom furniture

Bathroom with seamless transition to the bedroom

modern closet bedroom glass wall

Trendy colors – purple and pink

white purple bathroom shape pendant light modern design

Modern bathroom furniture with simple shapes – washbasin and wall units

Upholstered stool blue neutral wall color mirror lighting integrated

minimalist perfect – bathroom in black and white

Mirror integrated lighting washbasin white

Blue accents in the bathroom

Vanity modern bathroom furniture wallpaper

Bathroom completely in white

Italian designer furniture vanity unit white rectangular mirror plants

Modern bathroom design with exotic decorations and an original color scheme

modern minimalist bathroom furniture blue color beautiful decorative elements exotic

Red accents in the bathroom 

red accents bathroom stylish bathroom furniture hanging cabinets mirrors

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