Setting up a small bathroom – With these tips, there is even room for the washing machine

Do you have a small bathroom? We will show you how you can make the best possible use of the few square meters and how to make the room look larger and more homely with a few tricks. It is best to work with clever installation solutions, bright tiles and good lighting. With the right planning, you can set up a compact washing machine yourself.

How do you create storage space in a small bathroom?

small bathroom with walk-in shower built-in cupboard over built-in toilet provides storage space

Having a small bathroom doesn’t mean you have to give up storage space and order. It means that every inch of free space is worth fighting for. Try to make optimal use of the vertical space. For example, the blank wall above the toilet is the perfect place for open shelves or a closet where you can store towels, cleaning supplies and toilet paper. And the space under the sink can be used wonderfully for storing cosmetics. The siphon is also concealed by the base cabinet. If you have high walls, you can also create storage space by adding a Shelf just above the bathroom door hang. Also consider integrating the laundry bin into the bathroom furniture to keep your small bathroom clean and tidy.

How can you accommodate large devices in the bathroom??

Set up washing machine in bathroom Tiles in wood look and white

If you want to set up your washing machine in the bathroom despite the small number of square meters, you should find clever solutions for housing. The most important thing is to check the connection options at the desired installation location. For the washing machine you need a power connection, a tap and a drain. Ideally, these are close together and easily accessible. The best connections for the hoses are usually near the sink. However, extension hoses can be used in awkward places.

narrow washing machine for small bathroom front loading 6 kg

And here are a few ideas for devices that would fit nicely in a small bathroom:

  • Very narrow devices – The standard size for a front loader standing device is: 60 cm wide x 60 cm deep x 85 cm high. But there are also more compact models that are only 50 cm wide, for example. Top loaders are particularly popular among the “slim” models because, in contrast to narrow front loaders, they offer a sufficiently large opening and more capacity.
  • 2-in-1 combination devices – Washer-dryers combine washing and drying in one device and are a space-saving alternative for small households. In this article you will find a lot of interesting information about washer-dryers. The price-performance winner in the washer-dryer test, for example, has a depth of 57 cm.

Can you make the bathroom look bigger??

small bathroom white wall tiles strappy patterned floor tiles round sink

Despite the lack of space, you can turn your small bathroom into a cozy retreat. With a few tricks, the room can look bigger and brighter. Large tiles, for example, need significantly fewer joints, which makes the room appear calmer and more spacious. If you use large, elongated tiles, it is best to lay them parallel to the floor, this will also stretch the room. Choose the lightest possible wall tiles in cream or white tones. You can set accents with colorfully patterned floor tiles.

narrow bathroom modern with shower and well-planned lighting

Light is also of crucial importance for a pleasant ambience in the bathroom. It should not only provide brightness, but also create a feel-good atmosphere. Hence, it is advisable to have multiple light sources. A well thought-out lighting concept includes basic lighting, mirror lighting and optional accent and effect lighting. Mirrors are also doubly useful because they reflect the light and make the room appear more open. A mirror cabinet with lighting is the optimal solution because it offers several advantages. In order to use the available space as optimally as possible, it is always advisable to rely on such all-rounders that fulfill several functions at the same time.

small bathroom with light blue tiles many mirrors reflect the light and make the room look bigger