Red in the bathroom – 21 ideas with intense red tones

Red in the bathroom black-wood-cabinet-red-mosaic-wall-bathtub-Residental-Attitudes

Sensual, intense and sometimes just breathtaking. Red is a color that can completely change any dim room. In recent years, however, this intense color has only been used as an accent, because light and neutral colors are now the trend. Yes, this bright color can do a lot more and transform your bathroom into a glamorous place. Red in the bathroom But doing it properly can be a tricky task. That is why we have put together 21 breathtaking bathroom designs for you that know how to really bring out this intense color.

Red is the dominant color in the bathroom

Red in the bathroom mosaic-tiles-wall-asian-deco-MAP-interiors

If you want to use red as the dominant color in the bathroom, then you should know that the key to success is the right lighting. Since the room is filled with such a strong hue, you also need the perfect light. This is especially true for small bathrooms. Glamorous and chic, a well-planned combination of accent and general lighting is necessary here.

Another possibility for the successful implementation of red in the bathroom is to combine this color with white and silver! The trend towards the use of metallic sheen is gaining popularity; a shimmering silver surface would give the bathroom an elegant look.

Red in the bathroom – Ceiling, tiles and styles


Whether in vintage, retro or minimalist modern style, the red color is versatile enough to fit into almost any living style. The surface and finish are also very important here. While glossy surfaces are better for contemporary styles, matte surfaces are perfect for rustic, Mediterranean, Asian, and traditional interiors. And for those who think outside of the lengths of the tiles and walls, a red painted ceiling is a fun and ingenious idea.

If you are still planning to bring the red color into the bathroom with tiles, then black is almost always the ideal companion. The combination of red and black is timeless and looks good pretty much anywhere. You can replace black with a dark shade of gray. The red and yellow duo, on the contrary, looks rather funny and happy.

Set red accents

Red in the bathroom design-dark-wood-red-accents-Jaffa-Group-Design-Build

For those who think that red is too intense, we also have a few suggestions. Adding red accents to a neutral color scheme is very easy and inexpensive. Some nicely folded towels, a bath mat or two, a red vanity unit are the perfect way to try red in the bathroom.

Combine red and silver

modern-bathroom-red-wall-mosaic-tiles-column-washbasin-silver-wall-color-floor tiles-Venture-Architecture

Asian-style bathroom with a red ceiling


red bathroom furniture and gray wall tiles as a backdrop


 Paint the accent wall in the bathroom red


red wall paint in the bathroom




double vanity-tabletop-red-metal-sink-Jerry-Jacobs-Design