RAY bathroom furniture set consisting of vanity and mirror by Michael Hilgers

Bathroom furniture design michael hilgers mirror washbasin

The minimalists have a hard time finding the perfect one Bathroom furniture set. Ray vanity and mirror set by designer Michael Hilgers has reduced details and soft shapes, which make the design quite compact and minimalist.

RAY bathroom furniture set by Michael Hilgers

Bathroom furniture set michael hilgers mirror cabinet ceramic sink

Developed for the Italian brand Ex.t the bathroom mirror has an invisible sliding mechanism that allows it to hide two small compartments behind the mirror. The pull-out compartments allow the user to neatly stow his care products and cosmetics. In contrast to the usual mirror cabinets, you don’t need to hold the cosmetics in your hand while looking at the mirror. The pull-out shelves allow the user to reach all utensils without taking their eyes off the mirror.

RAY bathroom furniture set nominated for German Design Award 2014

Bathroom furniture michael hilgers mirror pull-out shelves washbasin

The Ray bathroom mirror was developed with the needs of minimalist design concepts in mind that look stylish but without looking out of place. The mirror is combined with the Ray ceramic washbasin, which stands on wooden legs. The legs are tied with lacquered steel wire and can be used as a towel rail. The retro look of the washbasin leaves no room for clutter and exudes an aesthetic and authentic Tuscan charm. The Ray vanity is also designed to fit perfectly with the shape of the mirror. The bathroom furniture set is a suitable and stylish addition to small bathrooms.

Ceramic washbasin with wooden legs   washbasin michael hilgersholzfüße retro look

Bathroom mirror with a practical sliding mechanism

ray mirror set michael hilgers bathroom

Bathroom furniture set michael hilgers ray mirror extendable shelves

Ray ceramic sinks with soft shapes

ceramic washbasin ray bath set michael hilgers

Retro look

ray set bathroom sink michael hilgers

Bathroom furniture set michael hilgers ray mirror ceramic sink