Quartz countertop for your bathroom – the pros and cons of quartz composite

quartz worktop bathroom chocolate-colored quartz composite bathroom furnishings material quartz glass

More and more people dare to spend their money on a perfect looking and suitable quartz worktop for their bathroom. In order to help you with the possible variants, we have researched the most important properties of the quartz composite that you can use in your bathroom. Discover the advantages and disadvantages of this material and why so many designers prefer it for bathroom furnishings and, respectively, for the washbasin. The costs can vary greatly depending on the quality, color, manufacturer and installation costs of the material. The size and thickness of the plate also play a crucial role. In this guide, we have put together useful information and opinions to make it easier for you to choose the quartz countertop you want for the bathroom.

Advantages of the quartz worktop

quartz worktop bathroom quartz composite bathroom furnishings material durable easy-care maintenance-free

Quartz composite is an engineered product that consists of around 90 percent a mass of quartz minerals and 10% a mixture of resins, polymers and pigments. One of the main advantages of the quartz worktop is that it is not porous. A high-quality sheet made of quartz composite is not only resistant to bacteria and germs, but also helps to reduce dirt in the bathroom. In addition, such a surface is pretty easy to care for and maintenance-free.

quartz countertop bathroom quartz composite bathroom furnishings material durable light dark rich color tones

Quartz composite is not only durable and pore-free, but also scratch and abrasion resistant. Theoretically, bathrooms are also places for relaxation that we adapt to our needs. In reality, however, bathrooms are a much more hectic place for busy households. In principle, nobody has time to worry about a scratched surface. For this reason, a quartz worktop can be a perfect companion for this area in stressful everyday life. So you always keep its original shine and cleaning is easy to handle with soap and water, so that no sealing is required. Furthermore, the quartz worktop has evenly distributed color patterns, while these can differ from one end to the other with a natural stone plate.

Wide range of colors

quartz countertop bathroom quartz composite bathroom furnishings material gray-white color minimalist clean

So the real wow factor of the product is its wide range of colors. Quartz composite offers a wide range of choices in this regard, including light greens, blues, and yellows. In addition, you can have your quartz countertop custom designed to represent a contemporary design that resembles marble, natural stone, or solid and recycled patterns made of glass. With it you will even be able to imitate the shapes and the extraordinary brilliance of these stones.

quartz countertop bathroom quartz composite bathroom furnishings material gray color minimalist resemble granite

The complete versatility of quartz composite also enables a multitude of edging and, in contrast to granite, can be used on large vertical surfaces with no visible edges. Quartz also resists moisture. Because of the dense pores, bacteria and mold do not collect in the stone. This is especially useful in a wet room like the bathroom where moisture is not immediately drawn away.

All these advantages make the quartz worktop very suitable for stylish use in the bathroom. Quartz has an incomparable brilliance, reflects light and brings life into the room. Solid versions look really cool and can be combined very well with patterned mosaics, tile mirrors and even with ceiling-high elements.

Some disadvantages of the quartz countertop

quartz worktop bathroom quartz composite bathroom furnishings material durable easy-care maintenance-free advantages disadvantages

However, quartz is prone to chips or cracks if the bathroom countertop is subjected to severe knocks near the edge. It is also sensitive to chemicals. Acidic or alkaline household chemicals such as all-purpose cleaners or bleach can damage a man-made quartz countertop. You should therefore first check the manufacturer’s instructions before using a product on your worktop.

quartz worktop bathroom quartz composite bathroom furnishings material durable easy-care maintenance-free bathtub

Unfortunately, there are also some usage restrictions on this product. For example, if you plan to use it in your bathroom with an outdoor garden shower or fireplace, quartz composite is not a suitable option. In addition, other special notes on installation must be observed. Since a quartz countertop is denser and heavier than the natural stone countertop, you need to consider the right structural support with suitable flooring and cupboards. So if you want to use quartz composite for a large countertop, you can’t compare it on paper because the grain on each slab usually looks the same and is not mirrored like natural stone.

quartz countertop bathroom quartz composite bathroom furnishings material wood optics color minimalistic

If you have to use multiple sheets of quartz in the construction, the edges in between will most likely be clearly visible. However, this is less of a problem for bathrooms, as the worktops are usually smaller. If that bothers you, you can downplay the edging with careful planning. The edges will still be more noticeable than with natural stone.

Although synthetic quartz remains dirt-free in principle, it can still have stains. Some quartz composites are less stain resistant than others, so when choosing a quartz countertop you should do a careful study as well as a purchase verification.

Favorite colors when choosing quartz countertops

quartz countertop bathroom quartz composite bathroom furnishings material imitating marble

Although quartz is known for its gorgeous monochromatic look in tones like black, white, and red, a quartz countertop actually comes in a more diverse range of colors and patterns, including a selection that mimics the look of granite and marble.

It’s also important to note that larger projects often have a lower cost per square meter. Quartz materials come in a wide variety of colors, making it easy for you to choose your favorite variant. Choose a white, cream, or light gray quartz countertop because these colors make the bathroom look brighter and larger. Plus, it’s easier to design the rest of the room with a neutral color palette.

quartz worktop bathroom quartz composite bathroom furnishings material durable easy-care maintenance-free bathtub white minimalistic

Many designers gravitate towards white, gray, or a combination of the two that looks like marble. The latter is often requested by customers who prefer this look but want to go for lower costs and longevity. Of course, the white color gives the bathroom the fresh and clean touch that goes with it. Recently, however, dark and rich hues are also a popular choice. Another best seller is the chocolate-colored quartz countertop, paired with calming blues and greens that are often found in bathroom materials.

Stylish combinations with quartz

quartz worktop bathroom quartz composite bathroom furnishings material durable easy-care maintenance-free washbasin

A full quartz worktop with a miter cut is contemporary. You can also choose quartz composite to look like poured concrete to create an industrial feel in the bathroom. Go for a marbled look and decorative edging to make the room look elegant. You can also combine a white quartz worktop with fun design elements such as tiled mirrors and elegant pendant lights.

quartz worktop bathroom quartz composite bathroom furnishings material durable easy-care maintenance-free bathtub white

You can also use this material in other places in the bathroom. For example, quartz can be used practically on the tub, on niches, on window sills or even as a toilet seat cover. When buying a man-made quartz countertop, the main thing to do is to look for leftovers from suppliers. These are well suited for the smaller projects. This will give you very good savings.

If you like the minimalist clean design, you can usually use an off-white quartz countertop with a beveled edge or a symmetrical slope. These create a good basis, which you can then supplement with various colored accents.

Matching versions of quartz worktop that complement each other

quartz worktop bathroom quartz composite bathroom equipment material durable easy-care maintenance-free white miter

Quartz composite is so versatile that you can use almost any surface treatment for such panels in the bathroom. For a sophisticated look, a decorative, polished nickel plating should be combined with a marbled quartz worktop. For a medieval look, try pairing a marble-look quartz slab with neatly lined soft brass fittings. Chrome, for example, is also a classic that can be combined very well with materials made of quartz.

Correct choice of quartz countertop

quartz countertop bathroom chocolate colored quartz composite bathroom furnishings material pattern colors tub

Since quartz composite has grown in popularity lately, we encourage you to research the brands that you may be considering. Of course, you can look around for inexpensive alternatives to find a less expensive quartz countertop. However, if the material fails, you will not be able to easily replace it. Make sure that the guarantee is checked by a tested and most importantly licensed installation. The craftsmen should be able to work well with the appropriate materials and manufacturers.