Presenting marble in the bathroom in a modern way: 40+ ideas for a minimalist bathroom

minimalist marble bathroom modern monochrome

The time when the bathroom was used for purely practical purposes is long gone. A contemporary bathroom combines style, elegance and functionality and often uses natural materials. One of the most popular of these is natural stone. Whether in the form of tiles for walls and floors or as a material for a washbasin or table, natural stone blends wonderfully into the modern bathroom. In today’s post we focus on a certain type of natural stone – marble. Thanks to its elegant appearance and luxurious effect in the room, the material can be used in any area of ​​the modern bathroom. In the article, we reveal how marble is staged in a modern way in the bathroom.

The white marble in the bathroom

Marble bathroom white modern window wooden stool

White marble is a classic for bathroom furnishings. It exudes a feeling of luxury and scores with high-quality optics and great durability. However, if you are into modern bathroom design, you should not exaggerate. A bathroom with marble tiles on the floor and walls, sink, vanity top, and marble bathtub may look gorgeous to many, but it’s more classic than modern. So if a modern look is targeted, then the complete look should be avoided.

Marble in the bathroom minimalist white tap copper

Less is more: the motto of minimalism applies with full force to the modern bathroom. If you want to present marble in the bathroom in a modern way, you could be inspired by the minimalist furnishing style. The monochrome combination of black, white and gray looks extremely modern and the use of marble gives the bathroom a luxurious touch.

Tip: You can brighten a small, dark bathroom with white marble tiles and make it look like an oasis of wellbeing.

Black marble in the bathroom

black bathroom marble vanity white sink round mirror

Black marble speaks for luxury and is a real eye-catcher in modern interiors. It is currently very much in vogue and offers unlimited design options for the home. In the bathroom, the black natural stone with white grain is perfect for accents. Whether a pedestal washbasin, a bathtub or just a few tiles on the wall, there are hardly any limits to your imagination.

black marble in the bathroom modern luxurious noble

The black marble in the bathroom also looks very classy as a complete look, but can be a bit dramatic. Anyone who decides anyway should ensure good lighting in the bathroom. Another contra-point to the excessive use of black rock in wet areas is cleaning. Even the smallest residues of soap or dried drops of water immediately catch the eye.

Showcase colored marble tiles in the bathroom in a modern way

green marble in bathroom toilet floor walls hexagon marble tiles

While black and white are the most common colors in marble, there are other great alternatives. Green marble, for example, is a current trend that fits perfectly into a minimalist bathroom. With brown or beige, on the other hand, the bathroom ambience immediately becomes more cozy.

Marble in the modern bathroom: pictures and ideas as inspiration

Natural stone in the bathroom modern marble wall behind bathtub

Would you like to design your bathroom in a modern way and are you looking for suitable ideas with elegant natural stone? In the photo gallery below we have collected many pictures that you can use as inspiration for your own marble bathroom. Have fun browsing!

Bathroom design white marble brownish grain

white marble combined with wood in the bathroom

Marble hexagon tiles in the bathroom with wood combine modern design

en suite bathroom marble tile wall floor black fixtures

dark marble in the bathroom warm appearance indirect light

Marble bathroom modern design black indirect lighting

Marble in the bathroom black and white grain

minimalist bathroom design black marble in the bathroom

cozy bathroom set up accent bath black marble

Minimalism in the bathroom black and white marble

modern bathroom ideas pedestal black marble niche

black marble glass wall bathroom design modern

Bathroom black white marble glass partition

Pedestal bathroom marble modern combination black wall

minimalistic bathroom design sink marble white walls

Marble bathroom sink pillar brass faucet

Combining black and white marble in the bathroom

Marble in the bathroom creates a modern vanity wall

Luxury bathroom set up marble elements bathroom vanity

modern bas marble tile floor wall white bathtub

luxury bathroom set up marble floor tiles indirect lighting

Marble bathroom black accent fittings

white bathroom marble vanity sink

modern bathroom with shower and bathtub marble wall tiles

minimalist bathroom design white marble black accents

Minimalism in the bathroom white marble shower wall floor

Marble bathroom modern elegant window

spacious bathroom with marble bathtub window

Bathroom design minimalist white marble

walk-in shower modern bathroom marble white

Marble floor tiles in the bathroom hexagon pattern modern

Marble floor tiles herringbone pattern white bathroom

Accent wall in bathroom fish scales pattern tile marble

Marble tile bathroom floor wall shower

Illuminated marble bathroom wall tiles floor tiles round mirror

Marble in the bathroom set accents, for example, a combination of paneling

white marble colorful stained glass accents modern

modern ideas for the bathroom gürner marble vanity

green marble bathroom white bathtub chrome faucets