Painting bathroom tiles – 37 ideas for motifs & patterns

bathroom tile painting colorful design bathtub modern interior mirror

It cannot be denied that after a while everyone would like to change their tiles. Either because they are simply no longer modern, but have become boring, or because they no longer look fresh and new. You can freshen up old tiles without any problems and without buying new and unpleasant construction work. To do this, you can use the Painting bathroom tiles. Do not you believe? You will be amazed at the big difference this renovation variant makes! On the one hand, painting is less cumbersome than replacing the entire tile, which also takes less time. On the other hand, it is cheaper in terms of materials and you can easily paint the bathroom tiles yourself, so you can save money on the tiler as well.

Painting bathroom tiles – black and white pattern

painting bathroom tile mosaic style black white floor level shower glass

We have already published detailed instructions for painting bathroom tiles. We would like to summarize the steps again in this article. In principle, a few important things must be observed in order to guarantee a successful and long-lasting result. As with all painting and varnishing work, this naturally includes thorough cleaning of the surface. You can get the right paint at the hardware store. Get advice there to make sure that the varnish you choose is really suitable for tiles.

Painting bathroom tiles – designing patterns with grout

bathroom tile painting joints black design white tiles gray wall color

You start painting tiles with the joints in front of the bathroom. If you have painted it thoroughly with a brush, the rest of the surface is worked on with a roller. It is especially important that you let the first coat dry long enough before applying a second (and it will most certainly be necessary). About three hours should be enough. It is best to read the product instructions to be sure.

Painting the toilet

bathroom tile painting turquoise nuances pattern toilet yellow

By the way, this varnish is not only suitable for painting bathroom tiles, but also for wash basins, bathtubs, shower trays and toilets. So if you would like to refresh these too, you can do the same. Here, too, two layers are advantageous. You can use the same color that you chose for the tiles. But you can also design them in a different color to create a contrasting and colorful effect or you can paint them in plain white for a classic look. If you want to keep them in their old color, you should cover them well with foil.

Elegant bathroom with white tiles and silver mosaic

painting bathroom tiles white design mosaic silver modern wash cabinet side table

And by and large, these are the steps for painting the bathroom tiles. In terms of maintenance, however, you should note that this varnish is more sensitive than the original color of the tiles. For this reason, milder cleaning agents that do not damage the paint should be used for cleaning.

Painting colorful mosaic pattern

painting bathroom tiles mosaic design confetti look colorful pattern

Apart from single-color tiles, you of course also have the option of creating pretty patterns and motifs and thus creating a very individual bathroom by painting the bathroom tiles. You can do this by masking off certain areas with adhesive tape. If you are artistically gifted, you can also paint pretty motifs on the tiles yourself. This takes a lot more time, but is guaranteed to be worth it! Just add some pretty accents with floral patterns or other motifs. Another option is to hire an artist. He will not only meet your ideas and wishes, but can also add ideas from his experience.

Zigzag for the floor tiles

painting bathroom tiles floor zigzag black and white wall concrete look

We would like to show you some great examples and motifs of lacquered tiles that can be an inspiration to you when lacquering your own bathroom tiles. Perhaps the ideas will convince you of the surprising effect, in case you are not quite sure about this method. But just take a look for yourself:

Painting the lotus flower

painting bathroom tiles lotus blossom diy idea white gray

Decorate tiles with flamingo

painting bathroom tile flamingo bird picture idea wall

Paint tiles yourself in a watercolor look

painting bathroom tiles watercolor idea kids tinker modern

painting bathroom tiles colors blobs design colorful diy inspiration

painting bathroom tile straw colors bubbles effects ombre

painting bathroom tiles stripes watercolor look colorful colors

painting bathroom tiles owls inspiration branch leaves painting romantic

bathroom tile painting mosaic idea stones sink tiled mirror

painting bathroom tiles bathtub before after inspiration

painting bathroom tiles sink design before after after blue orange

painting bathroom tiles before after picture white shower curtain orange wall

painting bathroom tiles white light blue interior modern idea

painting bathroom tiles artistic mosaic pastel tones decoration

bathroom tile painting ocean wall painting bathtub design

painting bathroom tiles wet room white tiles floor shabby sloping roof

bathroom tile painting frame woman motif art shower

painting bathroom tiles green modern wash basin shower mirror mosaic accents

bathroom tile painting pattern ideas ornaments colorful colors

bathroom tile painting floral motif blue yellow mosaic idea

bathroom tile painting flower blue nuances design dandruff motif

bathroom tile painting mediterranean inspiration painting flowers

painting bathroom tiles colors orange blue green artfully

painting bathroom tiles oriental style blue gold wall design

paint bathroom tiles pictures yourself paint bird branches blossoms

bathroom tile painting mirror frame idea children painting wolf yellow brown

painting bathroom tiles room corner design yellow black edge

painting bathroom tiles lovebirds blue art do it yourself

painting bathroom tile floor antique design pattern black closet

painting bathroom tiles accent wall idea cream color branches romantic

bathroom tile painting honeycomb pattern black beige white floor hexagon