Modern rain showers and overhead showers with lighting by Gattoni

remi overhead shower design sculptural Gattoni italy

the Gattoni Rubinetteria Brand stands for the highest quality and unique designs in bathroom fittings. Here you can find out more about their products, rain showers and Overhead showers with lighting.

Overhead showers with lighting by Gattoni

Overhead showers with lighting Gattoni blue led rain shower square

The Gattonis Overhead showers with lighting Designed by the technical department, the showers with colored LED diodes in the jets combine hydrotherapy and chromotherapy and ensure your comfort. The range includes five models in different shapes, sizes and number of nozzles, all with a color change function and a waterproof remote control. The user-friendly control panel enables easy handling – ON / OFF switch, program selection and light intensity (high / low).

Designer rain showers and overhead showers with lighting

Overhead showers rain shower led purple lighting Gattoni easy

9 different colors and 11 settings. Each individual color takes 10 minutes. In addition, the soft colors (Relaxing Mode – 4 minutes) and the strong colors (Exciting Mode – 4 minutes) follow. Colors can have a strong influence on our emotions and psycho-physical well-being, so a colored cascade can be very pleasant at the beginning or at the end of the day.

Designer shower head maze

shower head overhead showers with lighting rain shower chrome labyrinth

The new ultra-modern designs Rami and labyrinth by Gattoni represent amazing shower heads that would look like real scluptures in the bathroom. the Ramina The shower is a smaller version of Rami, both designed by Marcello Cutino from Studio BCF. This modern design with interesting shapes suits a variety of different styles in the bathroom. The geometric rain shower labyrinth is made of chrome and has 235 nozzles.

Waterfall and rain shower in one

Overhead shower modern design flat stainless steel Gattoni

Hand shower with an elegant design

modern shower systems hand shower design Gattoni

Ramina designer shower head ramina shower head design bathroom wall mounting gattoni manufacturer

Rami shower head designed by Marcello Cutino

rami shower head rain pot sculptural stainless steel bathroom wall

Rain shower with LED lighting

logo rain head shower round gattoni lighting green

Shower with color change

Overhead showers rain shower led modern Gattoni flat

Overhead showers led lighting color changing Italy Gattoni

Overhead showers design rain shower stainless steel Gattoni

Overhead showers lighting Gattoni rami design   icarus shower head waterfall design gattoni italy

shower column modern stainless steel gattoni bathroom products italy  shower head design gattoni italy minimalist genesys