Modern built-in bathtub with a space-saving design

freestanding bathtub bedroom

If you are planning a bathroom renovation and are already thinking about a new bathtub, you will surely like this design – the built-in bathtub from Agape. The three models in the InOut collection are practical, small and space-saving. The bathtubs have a simple, minimalist design and can also be used as a free-standing bathtub.

Built-in bathtub in a minimalist style

trendy freestanding white bathtub

The chic built-in bathtub exudes timeless elegance and is well suited for both classic and modern bathrooms. Combine the design with a crystal chandelier for noble royal furnishings, with a gray wall for industrial chic or with completely white bathroom furniture – for minimalist bathroom design.

Built-in bathtub – classic elegance

Bathtub storage space white round

The diversity of designs by Benedini Associati is offered in numerous variants – from corner bathtubs to bathtubs with showers and built-in bathtubs. The taps can be mounted on the floor or on the wall. The free-standing bathtub is perfect for small bathrooms with storage space. The round shape gives the design a modern look. Comfortable and with a modern design, this bathtub can even be installed in the bedroom. You can separate the bathtub with a screen or curtains. The free-standing version can be preferred in the large bathroom. Place the bathtub near the window and use it to set accents.

Built-in bathtub with a minimalist design

built-in bathtub-chic model

Completely white bathtub

Agape bathtub brand InOut