Modern bathtub with LED lighting – Dream by Treesse

bathtub led lighting integrated blue elegant

Combining ambient lighting and water doesn’t seem like a good idea because it immediately evokes associations with electric shock. These modern bathtub “Dream” by Treesse integrates the Led lighting and ends your suffering. A bathtub bathed in light that can offer you total relaxation.

Modern bathtub with innovative whirlpool technology

bathtub led lighting ghost system patent treesse

The cool concept behind the illuminated basin includes Treesse’s patented Ghost System, which emits rays of light without revealing any technical secrets on the outside of the bathtub. So it seems that the tub is lit from the inside. The LED lights are securely hidden in the body of “Dream” so that the inside remains completely smooth while the light is projected through the water and manipulated by the waves. That makes for a truly magical experience – like a dream.

Modern bathtub for two equipped with LED lighting

modern bath tub treesse led lighting head restraints

The pool is free of obstacles and mechanisms, such as nozzles, which are housed in a narrow gap. This new whirlpool technology allows the customer to enjoy the elegant look of the bathtub without having to forego a pleasant water massage. The bathtubs are also supplied with headrests so that you can rest comfortably in the warm water. Enjoy a wonderful bathing experience in Dream accompanied by comfort and luxury.

   comfortable headrestmodern bathtub dream treesse black headrest

fantastic bathing experience

modern bathtub dream led lighting headrests

rectangular elegant shape

modern bathtub blue led lighting dream treesse

Single and double bath

modern bathtub led lighting treesse single double

bathtub innovative treesse led lighting

modern bathtub led lighting integrated treesse

bathtub led lighting integrated double

the magic lighting system

bathtub ghost system treesse led lighting

different colors are available

Modern bathtub led lighting colors available dream bathtub led lighting colors