Modern bathroom with wood – 27 ideas for furniture, floors, walls and ceilings

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There are no limits to the materials you can use to furnish a modern bathroom. You can choose anything that suits your taste and also try different combinations to create the perfect interior. In this article, however, we would like to draw your attention specifically to that Bathroom with wood steer and how this cozy material can be combined with others.

Bathroom with wood as an accent

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Wood cannot only be chosen for furniture, for which, by the way, there are wonderful designs. It is also often used for floors, walls and ceilings and is hardly missing in modern bathrooms. Special coatings protect the wood from the strong moisture that is part of everyday life in the bathroom. But now take a look at our ideas for the bathroom with wood and let yourself be inspired.

Bathroom with wood – the furniture


Furniture made of wood is almost a matter of course. And thanks to the many modern designs, it is no longer difficult to find the right piece of furniture for the bathroom that not only makes the interior in the bathroom with wood something special, but also represents exactly what you imagine.

Spread wood in the bathroom

bathroom-wood-accents-ideas-beams-sloping ceilings-furniture-shelf-gravel-floor-tiles

The wooden furniture comes into its own thanks to the neutral furnishings. These are complemented by the beams that adorn the sloping roof. The attractive design of the floor should also be mentioned here. In addition to concrete, gravel of different colors was used.

Wooden bathtub


This is certainly not the first time you have seen a wooden bathtub. However, most of them have a classic rounded shape. For a modern bathroom with wood, choose a bathtub with a rectangular shape. It gives the finishing touch to your minimalist interior.

Wash console made of wood and stone


We have already mentioned that wood as a material can be combined with various other materials. Here’s a great example of that. The cabinet has an elegant top made of gray stone. This concept is repeated again in the floor.

Colorful wooden cupboard


When furnishing a bathroom with wood, you don’t necessarily have to leave it with the natural color of the wood. Here you can see what pretty effects you can create with a few color accents. The cupboard, which also serves as a room divider, comes into its own in the middle of the beige bathroom.

Simple furniture design

bathroom-with-wood-modern-wash-console-tiles-hexagon-pastel-tones-tiled mirror

Simple furniture designs look very attractive in modern furnishings. Wooden furniture like this model can be perfectly combined with subtle colors such as pastel tones. This is also necessary so that the simple, modern furniture attracts more attention.

Wood floor


The wooden furniture can be perfectly combined with other wooden details. One of them is the parquet. A bathroom with wood in the floor can be designed in different ways. On the one hand, you have the option of designing the entire floor with wood. Another variant is to set accents. For example, highlight the shower or other area.

Dark wood

bathroom with wood parquet-dark-modern-shower-bath-mirror

A brightly furnished bathroom gives you the option of choosing a darker floor. The wooden bathroom looks both friendly and cozy. The dark wood also prevents an atmosphere that is too sterile. So if that’s exactly what you want to avoid, this color is for you.

Wood as an accent for the shower

bathroom-wood-floor-design-open-shower-rain shower-head-large-room

As already mentioned, you can also use a wood floor just as an accent. A great area is the shower. You can design the rest of the floor as you like. For example, choose tiles in a different shade that imitates wood in order to expand the cozy atmosphere a little.

Wood stairs for the tub


If you do not have the option of sinking the bathtub directly into the floor, you can instead build a pedestal made of wooden steps into which you can lower the bathtub. This gives you an interesting accent again, which impresses not with its material, but also with its design.

Bathroom with fireplace


Multifunctional furniture made of wood is a practical idea not only for living spaces, such as the living room or bedroom. They can also be useful in the bathroom, whether large or small. Here you can see, for example, a large closet with a built-in fireplace. The combination of modern furniture and a retro bathtub, which is highlighted by the dark parquet floor, is extremely impressive.

Wall cladding in the bathroom with wood

bathroom-wooden-tub-cladding-modern-bathroom rugs-blind-pleated-light

The modern bathroom can also be wonderfully upgraded with wood on the walls. This is also a great idea if you want to renovate your bathroom quickly. This idea looks particularly chic for the bathroom with wood when you design accent walls. Of course, all four walls can also be clad with wood, depending on the atmosphere you want to create.

Dark wood wall


As with the dark floor, you should combine the dark wooden wall with light furnishings or other light details so that the room does not look too depressing. A perfect balance has been achieved in this example of a bathroom with wood.

Accent wall for the bathtub

bathroom-wood-accent wall-bathtub-modern-stool-wet cell

The wood was not staggered here. A particularly modern look is achieved here through the whole boards. In addition, there is the great interplay of light-colored tiles and light-colored wood. The wooden wall serves as a room divider and forms the wet cell for showering in the bathroom with wood.

A ceiling made of wood

bathroom-wood-bathtub-ceiling-boards-black-tiles-white-wall paint

Also worth mentioning is the design of the ceiling in the bathroom with wood. The great thing here is that the ceiling design does not immediately catch the eye and thus looks a bit more discreet. Cover the entire ceiling or use wooden beams. No matter what you choose, the effect will also impress you extremely.

Concrete look bathroom


Wood is also perfect for loosening up the rather austere and cold atmosphere that the concrete exudes. In this example this has been done with the ceiling and the vanity. It is also noticeable that two different colors were chosen for the wood. So you can see that in the bathroom with wood you can play with different wood colors.

Highlight the sloping roof


Both the sloping ceiling and the wet room are made of wood. There is also a wooden shelf that is located under the modern washbasin. The white walls allow many black accents to be created in the bathroom with wood. These include the fittings on the one hand and the lamps above the large mirror on the other.

Combine wood with colors

bathroom with wooden sloping ceiling-design-blue-furniture

A color contrast arises in this bathroom and in different ways. The center is the facility in light blue. The furniture is emphasized by the dark gray stone floor. As this creates a cold atmosphere, wood was chosen as the material for the ceiling. The result is that all three levels in this bathroom with wood are equally emphasized.

Luxury bathroom with wall cladding and wooden floor

bathroom-wood-modern-design-wall cladding-luxury-bathroom-system-glass wall

Bathroom with wood for the floor and ceiling 

bathroom-wood-modern-design-wall cladding-shower-glass wall-mirror wall

Minimalist bathroom with wooden floors and concrete walls


Modern bathroom with wood paneling and gray tiles

bathroom-wood-modern-design-wall cladding-pendant-lamp-gray-tiles

Bathroom with wooden elements in vintage style