Modern bathroom tiles – 25 ideas for colorful bathroom design


We present you with 20 ideas for a modern bathroom design Bathroom tiles in classic and modern color combinations. Whether they are colorful, with patterns, or simple and in a minimalist style – they will make every bathroom look trendy and tasteful.

Chic bathroom tiles with interesting patterns


The send Bathroom tiles Designs are the work of the designers at Iris Ceramica. The company is one of the leading tile manufacturers and is involved in the manufacture of porcelain tiles for walls and flooring. With over 50 collections and 2500 models, the Italian brand demonstrates an enviable creativity. She is involved in the production of high-quality and stylish tiles, which have already been awarded several international design prizes. They invest a lot in new technologies and try to constantly improve the traditional production methods. Sustainability and quality are the focus of the development process.

Bathroom tiles in trendy colors


What are the trends in bathroom design and what colors are for them Bathroom tiles in? Pink and red are definitely stepping back and have been successfully replaced by orange and yellow this year. Azure, green and earth tones dominate the modern bathroom. Brown and white is a classic combination that remains popular this year too. The geometric patterns are receding – and are successfully replaced by floral patterns. The tendency is clear – the different furnishing styles come close and are mixed more and more often. You can find more inspiration in the photo gallery below!

Combine bathroom tiles in different colors with white


Bathroom tiles with ornaments interpreted in a modern way


Green bathroom with built-in ceiling lights

Bathroom green tile shower cubicle glass white bathroom furniture

White mirror tiles visually enlarge the small bathroom

Mosaic tile sink ideas

Bathroom tiles in white and gray

gray white bathroom tile pattern wood base cabinet

Designing a blue bathroom

blue white bathroom tiles freestanding bathroom sink furniture

Purple tile color for the bathroom

purple white bathroom tile design

Stripe pattern in the bathroom too

pink bathroom shape tile pattern

Orange tiles as flooring

orange floor tiles bathroom design ideas

Porcelain tiles in the bathroom

orange bathroom tiles ceramic italy

Traditional brown and white color combination

chocolate color bathroom design idea

Flower patterns are all the rage

Flowers pattern white color bathroom

Tiles with a relief look

Sink bathroom tiles metal glass

Wall tiles imitate a brick wall

Bathroom tile ideas brick pattern

Black minimalist bathroom

minimalist black bathroom tile floor

Black and white bathroom design with mosaic tiles

black white bathroom bonsai tree

Yellow wall tiles with floral designs

modern yellow white tile wall bath acrylic chair

yellow color bathroom design ideas bathroom furniture lighting

Orange-red color

Brick red bathroom set up tile colors ideas

pink bathroom shape tile bathtub

Bathroom design planning ideas tiles glass

green shiny bathroom pattern mirror

100 more ideas for bathrooms