Modern bathroom furniture – a fantasy world made of glass

ornate glass bathroom furniture

Modern bathroom furniture, that we are used to seeing influence the idea of ​​a permanent, luxurious state of life and comfortable place to relax. The reason the designers prefer some really ingenious conceptions that can sometimes be associated with the snobbish lifestyle is because their opinion explains that the bathroom is no longer just a place to take a shower after a long day at work take or to brush your teeth in the morning. The bathroom is a special premise in the house, which is characterized by its own messages and ideas.

Modern bathroom furniture design made of glass

bathroom furniture design glass

Modern bathroom furniture Designs are diversified with strange ornaments, unusual shapes and extravagant coloring. The materials are not just plastic or steel. Contemporary designers and manufacturers stick to the impressive marble elements and wooden furniture. One of the newest trends in modern bathroom furniture design is associated with the elegance of glass.

Bathroom shelf made of glass – modern bathroom furniture design


A fantasy world made of glass in the bathroom is a very beautiful and popular concept for modern bathroom furniture. Glass furniture can seem a little unstable and fragile to you, but you should admit that it looks beautiful. An eccentric mirror in an extraordinary shape is not enough to create this fantasy world made of glass in your bathroom. They are supposed to add other interesting glass elements to the modern bathroom furniture Adding ideas – here are some recommendations for you.

modern bathroom design with glass shower cubicle and subtle lighting


Try to start with a small decorative glass table in the corner of the bathroom where you can arrange all your expensive cosmetic products for a healthy and beautiful body. This incredible effect can also be achieved with some nifty showcases, so that their transparent surface reminds you which of the cosmetic products have been used up. Glass shelves with gold motifs are one of the most popular modern bathroom furniture  for a bathroom in a minimalist or high-tech style.


beautiful modern bathroom furniture design made of glass


Glass sink – modern bathroom furniture design


Glass shelf in the modern bathroom


modern glass shower cubicle

modern glass shower cubicle

Yellow glass bathroom shelf


  orange-colored-glass-shelf-glass shower cubicle