Modern bathroom design – towel rails for radiators

Bathroom design towel rail radiator

These modern ones Towel rails for radiators will keep you warm and always offer practical storage space next to the shower cubicle. The British company Vogue has launched two modern designs on the market for stylish bathroom design and functional addition to the interior. These radiators are equipped with towel rails and will warm the towels so that a dry and warm towel is always available after showering.

Aesthetic and practical – towel rails for radiators

Towel rail radiator bathroom

The greatest advantage of one Towel rails for radiators is the fact that space can be saved in this way. Small and functional, these can be wall-mounted near the bathtub or shower cubicle. Make sure that they do not hinder free movement – this is a rather inconvenient position above the bathtub, for example.

Towel holder for radiators with a modern design

stylish towel rail for radiators

These models of Vogue offer a nice combination of functionality and design and consist of heated metal tubes that are connected by several elements made of wood or metal. the Towel rails for radiators look chic and, thanks to the neutral color scheme, can match any bathroom – from minimalistic and puristic, to classic and regal.

Wood and metal towel rails for the bathroom

Radiator bathroom design ideas

Radiators for the bathroom

Radiator bathroom design ideas