Modern bathroom design – 30 ideas for small bathrooms


The bathroom is an important part of the home, but it doesn’t have to be large to be modern and comfortable. The space in a small bathroom can be used more effectively than ever with the right design solutions. The comfort of the residents is guaranteed with these modern ideas for small bathrooms. the modern bathroom design is very flexible and with the right planning you can create real miracles in a small bathroom. Take a look at the examples below and get some inspiration for your own little oasis of calm.

Bathroom design ideas – space-saving solutions

Bathroom-design-small-bathroom-space-planning-bathtub-glass wall

First, determine the dimensions of the bathroom. Choose the bathroom furniture and plumbing that you want to install. Bathtub or shower cubicle? Pedestal sinks, wall-hung toilets and walk-in showers save space. Determine its dimensions – height, width and length. Determine the location of the water and heating pipes in the bathroom. If the bathroom is adjacent to the kitchen, try installing the bathroom sink on the same wall as the kitchen sink. Combine several elements such as a bathtub with a hand shower, a washstand with a base unit or create a combination of a bathtub and shower cubicle by separating the room with a glass panel. Mount the shelves around the faucets and use the space above the toilet and sink.

Examples of modern bathroom design

Bathroom design-tiles-concrete-stone-look-wood-shelves-cabinet-mirror-cabinet-led-strip

Tiles in wood look

Bathroom design-small-bathroom-tiles-wood-look-corner-shower cubicle

Natural tones in the small bathroom


Everything you need in the bathroom

bathroom design ideas small-bathroom-bath-tub-shower-location

small bathroom in brown and beige

bathroom design ideas-small-bader-beige-brown-location-furniture

make effective use of the corners of the room


Corner bath is a great choice

bathroom design ideas-small-bathroom-corner-bathtub-gray-green

light colors for small rooms – light blue and cream

bathroom design ideas small-bader-corner bathtub-location-bathroom furniture

Bathtub and shower cubicle next to each other


Foldable partition

bathroom-design-ideas-small-white-orange-folding wall-bathtub

Vanity unit with storage space and wall shelves

bathroom design-ideas-vanity-shelves-bathtub

Shelves in the wall niche

bathroom design-dressing room-shelves-wall recess-mirror

walk-in shower that can also serve as a bathtub 









bathroom-roof pitch-white-gray-design


bathroom design ideas small-bathroom-optimal-furnish