Luxury bathtubs with freestanding and modern designs

bathtub luxury schraeg design concrete wall idea rocking chair

Idea designer: Image Box Studios

If you are looking for a bathtub that is anything but ordinary, then you are guaranteed to respond positively to the following models that we would like to introduce to you. The extraordinary and modern Luxury bathtubs make bathing a particularly pleasant experience. If these are combined with the right decorations and a little dimmed light, you get your own personal spa area, which you can use to relax at any time. Bring the vacation home with these luxury bathtubs!

Luxury bathtubs – oval shape for the spa style

Idea designer: Silvia Saez.

bathtub luxury shower stone wall spa style candles romance

Oval luxury bathtubs are particularly suitable for creating a spa style. This is also proven by this example. Combined with natural materials and romantic lighting, the bathroom has a harmonious ambience that promises you complete relaxation.

Modern luxury bathtubs for the Mediterranean style

Idea designer: 747 studios.

bathtub luxury vaulted mediterranean style bathroom tiles floor

The Mediterranean style can be wonderfully combined with the modern. You can also use modern luxury bathtubs for this purpose. In this way, the tub turns into the focal point, which is reinforced with a freestanding design.

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Oval bathtub

bathtub luxury oval design spa style simply modern

Idea designer: Carlo Maura.

This bathtub with an oval design stands on a half-height wall and can be used wonderfully as a room divider in the bathroom. The shape is partly modern, partly classic, which is why the bathtub is suitable for every furnishing style.

Modern egg-shaped bathtub

bathtub luxury oval shape chandelier gold color parquet bright

Idea designer: Vic Nguyen. Available here.

Oval luxury bathtubs have a certain charm and are preferred by many. This monotonous tub is the icing on the cake of every minimalist bathroom, which is enhanced by the modern faucet. But this design would definitely look wonderful in other styles too.

Design idea with a luxurious flair

Luxury bathtubs oval tiles large format large bathroom

Idea designer: Vic Nguyen.

In addition to the attractive shape, the protruding edge of the bathtub is also a real eye-catcher. This gives the otherwise simple luxury bathtub design an interesting accent. The white color also goes wonderfully with the monochrome design of the bathroom made of gray tiles in large format.

Bathroom with concrete wall and modern pendant lights

Luxury bathtubs white pendant lights wall design concrete look

Idea designer: Image Box Studios.

Black bathtub

Luxury bathtubs black design oval shape minimalist bathroom

Idea designer: Javier Wainstein.

Modern luxury bathroom in shades of blue

Luxury bathtubs white bronze bathroom pattern triangles carpet accent turquoise

Idea designer: Lorenzo Pennati.

Attractive tile design in Mediterranean style

bathtub luxury idea white design tiles stone look floor

Idea designer: Kaan Kılıçay. Available here.

bathtub luxury light gray wood flooring built-in shelves window front

Idea designer: Paulo Rosario.

bathtub luxury round design attractive simple furnishings

Designed by Andreia Santos & Francisco Santos.

Bathtub luxury marble cream color original design oval

Available here.

Luxury bathtubs open bathroom partition wall bedroom mirror

Idea designer: Eloisa Conti.

Luxury bathtubs alcove gray tiles stone look glass shower

Idea designer: Anna Fedyukina. Available here.

bathtub luxury bathroom furnishing idea indirect lighting

Idea designer: Bloomsbury Design. Available here.

bathtub luxury freestanding square chair metal large bathroom

Idea designer: Image Box Studios.

Luxury bathtubs loewenfuessen blue-gray wall paneling wood canape gray

Idea designer: Lorenzo Pennati.

bathtub luxury rectangular white wall cladding wood concrete floor

Idea designer: Image Box Studios.

bathtub luxury small design original open shower gray wall color concrete

Idea designer: Antonio Lupi.

luxury bathtub freestanding bedroom idea bedside cabinet chest brick wall

Idea designer: Vic Nguyen.

luxury bathtub black and white high gloss wood fish grates floor gray wall

Idea designer: Image Box Studios.

bathtub luxury cladding tiles gray stone clinker stone wall industrial

Idea designer: Sofia Zhurko.

bathtub luxury high gloss black design flat oval wood accents bathroom

Idea designer: Vic Nguyen.

bathtub luxury edge waves design vintage style accents blue gray closet curtains

Idea designer: Lyudmila Kalabekova.

bathtub luxury modern attractive shape gray wood white toilet sink

Idea designer: HJC design.

bathtub luxury gray wall design vertical garden marble floor

Idea designer: Mitaka Dimov.

bathtub luxury art deco gold design marble floor light gray wall

Idea designer: N&M studio.

bathtub luxury interior light gray elegant washbasin wet cell glass

Idea designer: Assembly Studios. Available here.

bathtub luxury triangle design modern bright parquet

Idea designer: Carlo Maura. Available here.

bathtub luxury outdoor design tiles stone look horizontal window

Idea designer: Black box.

bathtub luxury freestanding rectangle parquet herringbone decorations

Idea designer: Emanuele Tortora.

bathtub luxury sliding glass bathroom pool minimalist

Idea designer: Black box.

bathtub luxury oblique oval shower black metal concrete accent wall wash console

Idea designer: Image Box Studios.

luxury bathtub bedroom free standing modern lamps bed

Idea designer: Vladimir Nikiforov. Available here.

bathtub luxury stone design wood accents bathroom mediterranean style

Idea designer: Lorenzo Pennati.