Lamp in the bathroom – moisture protection, installation and choice of materials

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One Lamp in the bathroom assembling can prove to be a real challenge. We offer you helpful tips for moisture protection and material selection that will make installation easier.

Lamp in the bathroom – which designs are suitable for this area?

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For which Lamp in the bathroom The decision you make depends on several factors. The size of the bathroom plays an important role in the selection. Larger bathrooms with shower cubicles and splash guards may allow normal lamps to be added. If the lamp is not sprayed directly with water and the bathroom is heated, there should be no fire hazard. Small bathrooms should be equipped with lamps with moisture protection. The number of people who use the bathroom also plays a major role. Large families use the shared bathroom very often, the area is constantly wet. Metal parts in particular suffer from moisture and can rust over time. Materials such as aluminum, brass or plastic are therefore recommended. Wood details can change their color over time.

Lamp in the bathroom – determine the right place

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Usually you don’t just need one Lamp in the bathroom. Combine ceiling lights with lamps. You can mount the lamps from both sides of the mirror. If you have a bathtub, place it close to the window and hang a lamp in the middle of the room. Don’t forget to match the color and theme of the bathroom furniture with the lamp design. To be on the safe side, we recommend that you measure the bathroom and show a sketch in the shop. In this way you are always sure that the seller can advise you correctly when making a purchase. Combinations for each interior style can be found below.

Cool bathroom with original lamp

chic lamp bathroom design blue wall

Eclectic mix of styles

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Lantern with LED candle

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Traditional decor with wooden furniture

Lamp royal style chandelier dark wood furniture

Moroccan lamp in the bathroom

Moroccan lamp flower pattern wall bathroom

Exotic oriental bath

Moroccan style bathroom design lamp oriental

Furnish the bathroom according to Feng Shui

Bathroom Feng Shui design wood furniture

Royal style bathroom with chandelier

Chandelier silver bathtub royal style lamp in bathroom

Classically beautiful – bathroom in blue

original bathroom design round pendant lights hand towel holder

Set accents with colored lamps

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Puristic furnishing idea with three lamps

Bathroom design idea natural stone wall three lamps mirror

Bathroom with two lamps

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