Kitchen faucets and bathroom faucets in black – 9 contemporary designs

Kitchen fittings and bathroom fittings in black -bathroom-simple-plain-marble-wooden floor-modern

See alongside the traditional metal look Kitchen faucets and bathroom faucets in black downright noble, minimalist and modern. A mixer tap or single-lever mixer in a matt black color would easily become an accent in a simple bathroom and would look great in a white, Scandinavian-style kitchen. These fittings are not available from every manufacturer and are relatively difficult to find as they would rather appeal to extravagant personalities. If one counts for them, let yourself be inspired by 9 selected designs from leading manufacturers.

Kitchen faucets and bathroom faucets in black for modern homes

Kitchen faucets and bathroom faucets in black -mixbaterien-white-chrome-arten-tera-dornbracht

The Tara collection is characterized by a reduced look and functional design and after more than 10 years it is being reinterpreted and designed, produced with new coatings and technologies. Now two matt optics in white and black have been produced. The shape is kept as straight as possible, the handles – horizontal with sharper edges, and focus on geometry and symmetry so current in contemporary architecture and design.

Kitchen faucets and bathroom faucets in black with a contemporary design

Kitchen faucets and bathroom faucets in black - bathroom - mixer - marble - mirrored - modern - tera

Kitchen faucets and bathroom faucets in black stand for contrasting interiors or for minimalist tone-on-tone room design. Decide on one of the two monochrome color combinations and create your stylish home with taste!

Kitchen fittings and bathroom fittings available in black and other colors – Tara collection by Dornbracht

kitchen fittings-bathroom fittings-black-bathroom-washbasin-marble-mixer-tera

Shower and kitchen fittings and bathroom fittings in black merge aesthetics, modern and vintage into one

kitchen fittings-bathroom fittings-black-bathroom-modern-shower-marble-tera-dornbracht

Functional kitchen fittings and bathroom fittings in black for a minimalist touch

kitchen fittings-bathroom fittings-black-shower-bathroom-mdoern-simple-marble

Kitchen faucets and bathroom faucets in black – simple Mixer tap

kitchen fittings-bathroom fittings-black-mixer-bathroom-simple-marble-tera

kitchen faucets-bathroom faucets-black-washbasin-marble-mixer-minimalist-design

Kitchen faucets and bathroom faucets in black and angular shapes

kitchen fittings-bathroom fittings-black-bathroom-extravagant-design-deque-dornbracht

The long, wide spout is typical of the “Deque” collection from Dornbracht. He directs the water to the sink and presents the flow of the water. This is exactly the idea behind the angular design language of the kitchen fittings and bathroom fittings in black. Deque is characterized by a minimalist design, reduced to the essentials – the calmly flowing waterway. Check out the video.

Kitchen fittings and bathroom fittings in black – the minimalist Deque collection from Dornbracht

kitchen fittings-bathroom fittings-black-bathroom-minimalist-extravagant-deque-dornbracht

Technological progress and minimalist design inspired by modern architecture

kitchen fittings-bathroom fittings-black-bathtub-rectangular-deque-dornbracht

kitchen faucets-bathroom faucets-black-mixer-tap-simple-angular-deque-dornbracht

kitchen faucets-bathroom faucets-black-mixers-minimalist-design-deque-dornbracht

kitchen faucets-bathroom faucets-black-bathroom-hand-held mixer-bathtub-extravagant-deque-dornbracht

Deque collection by Dornbacht – video from the manufacturer about design and production

* learn more about the product line of Dornbracht 

Kitchen faucets and bathroom faucets in black – functional and practical in the kitchen

kitchen fittings-bathroom fittings-black-kitchen-marble-top-solna-barizo

The kitchen fittings and bathroom fittings collection, available in black, white and brushed stainless steel optics, is inspired by the simple and functional Scandinavian design. It is available in two versions equipped with intelligent functions – the water flow is activated with a touch anywhere on the tap or handle. And the articulated arm kitchen faucet platform offers an extraordinary range of movements when washing dishes and the like. with different shape and size.

Sustainable design optimizes the original single lever mixer – Solna collection by Barizo

kitchen faucets-bathroom faucets-black-kitchen-mechanism-detail-solna-barizo

Flexible shower head at the end of the single lever mixer makes work at the sink easier

kitchen faucets-bathroom faucets-black-kitchen-single-lever-mixer-detail-solna-barizo

Kitchen faucets and bathroom faucets in black for more comfort at home

kitchen faucets-bathroom faucets-black-optimized-model-functional-solna-barizo

Kitchen faucets and bathroom faucets in black – the simplified Solna model

kitchen faucets-bathroom faucets-black-kitchen-functional-scandinavian-design-solna-barizo

kitchen fittings-bathroom fittings-black-laundry room-sink-practical-solna-barizo

Minimalist design of kitchen fittings and bathroom fittings in black – Jason Wu for Brizo

kitchen faucets-bathroom faucets-black-minimalist-design-simple-mode-jason-wu

The world-famous fashion designer Jason Wu has designed a collection of kitchen fittings and bathroom fittings in black especially for Barizo. The aesthetics of miminalistic noble optics and shapes can be understood in connection with the product line. Innovation and uncompromising design work together in a series of simple fittings and accessories for the bathroom and wet room.

Single lever mixer and washbasin in black from the collection by Jason Wu for Brizo

kitchen faucets-bathroom-faucets-black-design-simple-minimalist-jason-wu

Mixer faucet and table with a minimal design in a matt black look by Jason Wu

kitchen faucets-bathroom faucets-black-design-designer-jason-wu-minimalist

Shower and accessories from the collection by fashion designer Jason Wu


Miminalistic design and different combination of shower, mixer tap and others

kitchen fittings-bathroom fittings-black-shower-bathroom-water-spray-modern-simple

Available accessories from the Jason Wu collection for Brizo

kitchen faucets-bathroom faucets-black-collection-accessories-minimalist

Kitchen faucets and bathroom faucets in black – Odin collection

kitchen fittings-bathroom fittings-black-beige-brown-bathroom-freestanding-bathtub-luxury

kitchen fittings-bathroom fittings-black-bathtub-cream-white-outlook-loft-odin-barizo

Kitchen faucets and bathroom faucets in black – Sotira collection

kitchen fittings-bathroom fittings-black-free-standing-bathtub-rectangular-outlook-loft-sotira-barizo

The “Odin” collection by Barizo is from the American technical progress in the middle of the 19th century. The design language resembles the automobile and aircraft industries from those years.

kitchen faucets-bathroom faucets-black-bathtub-mixer tap-modern-sotira-barizo

kitchen fittings-bathroom fittings-black-shower-modern-straight-lines-sotira-barizo

kitchen fittings-bathroom fittings-black-shower-simple-tiles-design-sotira-barizo

kitchen fittings-bathroom fittings-black-sink-mixer-tap-modern-sotira-barizosotria

Kitchen faucets and bathroom faucets in black – Vuelo collection

kitchen fittings-bathroom fittings-black-graziel-design-schwan-vuelo-barizo

kitchen faucets-bathroom faucets-black-inspiratio-idea-swan-vuelo

kitchen faucets-bathroom faucets-black-inspiration-fashion-design-vuelo-barizo

Kitchen faucets and bathroom faucets in black – Rook collection

kitchen fittings-bathroom fittings-black-washbasin-gray-vintage-stainless steel-rook

kitchen fittings-bathroom fittings-black-vanity unit-gray-version-rook

kitchen faucets-bathroom faucets-black-lever-mixer-stainless steel-vintage-rook

kitchen faucets-bathroom faucets-black-bathtub-decorative-fireplace-vintage-optics-rook

kitchen faucets-bathroom faucets-black-shower-stainless steel-vintage-optics-rook

kitchen faucets-bathroom faucets-black-hand-held mixer-shower-freestanding-bathtub-vintage-look-rook

* learn more about the Brizo product line 

Extravagant bathroom fittings with taps and basins made of black crystal

kitchen faucets-bathroom faucets-black-sink-mixer tap-GLAMOROUS-CLIVIA

Kitchen faucets and bathroom faucets in black by Glass Design, Italy – Glamorous collection, model Clivia

kitchen faucets-bathroom faucets-black-mixer-sink-glass-design