Inipi B – compact sauna with the highest design standards

Compact sauna design Inipi B led lighting

the compact sauna Inipi B by Duravit is a modern design sauna that fits into almost any corner and offers a comfortable space for one person to feel good. Sauna fun has been possible in the smallest of spaces since 2009 and at a comparatively lower price. The sauna (120 x 120 cm) can be easily set up and dismantled in small city apartments and ensures a relaxing wellness ambience even in the bathroom at home.

Compact sauna from Duravit – Inipi B Super Compact


Duravit continued the trend for small bathrooms and worked together with the Austrian designers at EOOS to develop this compact but highly functional sauna. You have only concentrated the technology on the essentials, without losing any of the comfort. The compact sauna is also available in a larger version (240 x 120 cm) for two people.

Compact sauna for a wellness ambience at home


The control panel is integrated into the side of the front of the design sauna. The temperature, timer and digital hourglass can be set individually. During the selected rest period, the heating energy is saved with an ECO function. The next time you use the sauna, the temperature inside the sauna is automatically heated up again. This saves resources and energy costs.

larger sauna variant for two people


The infusion for the sauna stones is conveniently controlled via a button. The water tank is easily accessible and concealed behind a wooden panel. The cabin itself has a modern, reduced design, with all the technology hidden. The sauna benches at the Inipi B Super Compakt are made of light aspen wood and are arranged on two levels. With the larger variant, you can also lie down. The backrests of the bench seats can also be individually adjusted so that you can find the most comfortable position.

Benches made of light aspen wood


Sauna fun in the smallest of spaces

compact sauna design-inipi-b-duravit-corner-bathroom

Control panel for controlling the temperature


The infusion is done by pressing a button controlled


LED lighting


adjustable backrest of the sauna bench