Ikea bathroom ideas for small rooms: 12 functional and inspiring bathroom designs from the new 2020 catalog

Ikea bathroom 2020 bathroom furniture in white and wallpaper with floral patterns instead of tiles on the wall and mirrors with lighting

The new Ikea catalog comes out every year in late summer. We have summarized the highlights for the bathroom from the new booklet for you and show you the 10 most beautiful Ikea bathroom ideas for small rooms. When it comes to functional, inspiring and affordable bathroom design, the 2020 catalog is one of the best sources of inspiration. Find out how you can effectively combine bathroom furniture and bathroom accessories, as well as which tiles are currently very popular.

Ikea bathroom ideas: 1. Pure glamor

Bathroom with bathroom cabinet with a relief surface and round bathroom mirror and wall shelf made of wood

Not simple: this year, the bathroom furniture from Ikea is more glamorous than ever. The high-gloss bathroom cabinets with 3D patterns on the fronts impress with their stylish and functional design. Shiny bathroom fittings made of stainless steel and polished ceramic washbasins blend harmoniously into modern living spaces. Bathroom mirrors with wooden frames and shelves made of natural wood loosen up the strict minimalist look of the bathroom cabinet and bathroom accessories add color accents.

Bathroom furniture sets consisting of a bathroom cabinet with drawers and white fronts with 3D relief

In the family bathroom, storage space is the be-all and end-all of any successful bathroom design. Clever storage is an absolute must, especially in the minimalist bathroom. The organization systems from Ikea offer space-saving solutions for small rooms. Cosmetics and accessories are neatly stored in several boxes with compartments in the drawers of the base unit. In this way, the available space in the bathroom cabinet can also be optimally used.

New bathroom furniture sets in white from the 2020 Ikea catalog are set up puristically

The monochrome bathroom has enjoyed great popularity in recent years. But so that the black and white color scheme does not appear too cool and sterile, accents are set in natural colors. Wooden boxes and boxes, bathroom stools and rattan baskets add a homely touch to the interior.

new trends bathroom furniture sets and bathroom cabinets with storage space and shelves and mirrors with support surface

Ikea bathroom ideas: 2. It depends on the right bathroom accessories

Furnish modern design ideas with glass shelves in the bathroom

A bathroom renovation costs a lot of time and money. But you can save yourself the expensive renovation work and instead set accents in the room with bathroom accessories. They give the bathroom character in no time. However, if space is limited, you should opt for accessories in the same color family. Modern wall shelves can effectively solve the space problem and provide support for soap dispensers, towels, perfumes and cosmetics. The glass shelves from Ikea also have a fine design language and are extremely decorative.

Decoration ideas for the modern bathroom in black and white

If you have cosmetics in colorful and unsightly packaging, you can transfer them to stylish soap dispensers and arrange them in wooden boxes. Not only do they look very decorative, they also take up less space. You don’t have to look for the shampoo or the new perfume every time, you always have them at hand. You can keep track of things even in the small bathroom and don’t have to keep putting away. The cosmetic bottles take a back seat and let the bathroom accessories play the main role.

Bathroom accessories Deco ideas in black and white modern mosaic mirrors make the small bathroom look bigger

A large bathroom mirror makes the bathroom appear larger. Opt for a frameless mirror with integrated lighting.

Bathroom accessories and textiles, cloths match the cupboards

Ikea bathroom ideas: 4. Space-saving bathroom furniture and accessories for the narrow bathroom

Set up the bathroom in neutral colors, combine white wall tiles and bathroom furniture

If the bathroom is narrow, space-saving bathroom furniture and clever space solutions are ideal. Here are some tips that will help you design:

  • A large sink can narrow the passage. Instead, opt for a compact model with a shallow depth.
  • The shower bathtub is the perfect variant for small bathrooms because it takes up less space than a bathtub.
  • Hang a large frameless mirror on the long side. It will reflect the light and make the bathroom look wider.
  • To take the length of the tubular bath, paint the front wall in a light accent color. Nude shades or peach colors are perfect for bathrooms with windows, while darker shades such as turquoise blue look good in bathrooms without windows. You can lay the long walls with light-colored tiles in a natural stone look.

Bathroom furniture and bathroom fittings in the new 2020 catalog, space-saving bathroom accessories, offer storage space

  • Space-saving storage for the rented apartment is, for example, the shower baskets with suction cups. They can be attached where you need them with little effort without drilling.
  • Hanging storage for the bathroom door is a practical variant for the narrow bathroom. It offers enough space for brushes and the like.
  • A Bluetooth speaker turns the narrow bathroom into a real haven, where you can relax in the evening and recharge your batteries in the morning.

Stereo system in the bathroom Loudspeakers with bluetooth on the windowsill

More storage space in the small bathroom clever space-saving ideas from Ikea

5. Ikea bathroom ideas in retro style

Ikea bathroom family from the new 2020 catalog bathroom cabinet set with mirror ideas for small rooms with shower

Colorful, chaotic and yet somehow inviting and practical: this is how the retro style bathroom can be described. The walls are deliberately kept as simple as possible, color accents are set above all with the colorful textiles. The child-friendly design places great emphasis on functionality.

Ikea bathroom with retro style tiles on the wall

Colorful coat hooks, numerous storage space options for soap, toys and bathroom utensils, as well as practical towel holders make the retro bathroom a comfortable space where young and old are guaranteed to feel at home. Children love colorful designs, so you can boldly combine colors. Red, black, dark blue and luminous yellow form a cheerful color scheme that arouses creativity and puts you in a good mood in the morning.

Ikea bathroom bathroom furniture practical set vanity unit set up with colors

Single-colored square tiles with joints in a contrasting color form the perfect background for the Ikea bathroom furniture and bathroom accessories.

Hooks in the small bathroom and white tiles with pink grout

Colorful coat hooks give the room additional splashes of color.

Ikea bathroom design round mirrors and tiles with colored joints and storage space on the wall ideas that save space

A perforated plate enables you to keep medicines, cosmetics and utensils safe and within reach. Because small children cannot reach the shelves, the wall brackets and the bags and injure themselves with the razor, for example.

Practical furnishing of the Ikea bathroom Ideas for tidiness in the bathroom cabinet Tips for organization

6. Set up a puristic bathroom

Set up a puristic bathroom in white Ideas from the new Ikea catalog 2020

Clear lines, a successful combination of materials and a neutral color scheme characterize the purist bathroom. Ikea’s furnishings are kept to a minimum according to the motto “less is more”. A small porcelain washbasin, a base unit with two drawers, a wall unit with a mirrored door and two bathroom stools complete the bathroom range. You can spruce up your dream bathroom with textiles in accent colors.

Bathroom furniture sets organize storage space in the small bathroom

Interior designers are increasingly doing without tiles in both large and small bathrooms. Instead, the walls are cleaned and sealed. An exception are niches for showers. These are mostly tiled. Shimmering mosaic tiles in particular can give the niche some charm and character. In the purist bathroom, plain white tiles create an attractive contrast to the plastered wall or the exposed concrete wall.

Ikea bathroom with white bathroom cabinets in a modern country style

7. Ikea country style bathroom ideas

Ikea bathroom with white bathroom cabinet and wall shelf and countertop basin

In the Ikea country-style bathroom, the utensils become home accessories. In contrast to the massive, minimalist bathroom furniture, the white bathroom cabinets with their open construction do not hold back the view. Make-up and cosmetics are displayed in a glass showcase; the towels, bath brushes and bath sponges are very decorative.

Furnish the bathroom in a modern country house style with Ikea bathroom cabinets

A visual trick makes the bathroom look more spacious: the empty the wall shelves, the bigger the bathroom looks. So it’s better to distribute the cosmetics in groups on the shelves than to arrange all the bottles next to each other.

Ikea bathroom furniture sets for small family bathrooms design ideas and decorations

8. Ikea bathroom ideas: Patterned tiles

Ikea bathroom patterned tiles the color trends for 2020 are green white and nude

In the coming year you can boldly combine not only colors but also patterns. Natural motifs even come into their own together with geometric patterns such as stripes, triangles or rhombuses. And if you dare to do it, you can even lay the bathroom walls halfway up with tiles and then wallpaper.

Ikea bathroom with tiles in green and space-saving bathroom furniture furnishing ideas from the 2020 catalog

The mix of colors and patterns creates an eclectic interior. The individual elements harmonize surprisingly well with each other and give the bathroom an unmistakable character.

Ikea bathroom ideas for bathroom furniture set consisting of a bathroom cabinet with storage space and drawers and a vanity for a small bathroom

9. Ikea bathroom ideas: order in the family bathroom

Small bathroom organize storage space options and various clever solutions for small bathrooms

We have already touched on the subject of “order”. A clear division is very important in the family bathroom. Little tricks make everyday life in the family bathroom much easier. Storage baskets, for example, are provided with the first letters of the name. Each family member has towels of a specific color.

10. Ikea bathroom: create a wellness oasis

Space-saving bathroom furniture Set up a set Spa wellness Create a small bathroom Tips

Turn your bathroom into an oasis of wellbeing. With LED candles you can create a relaxed ambience. Pamper yourself with homemade masks and cures. And even if you don’t have room for a bathtub, a foot tub is just as fun.

11. Ikea bathroom: set up environmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly and modern furnishing the bathroom useful tips

Another topic that is addressed in the new Ikea catalog is “environmentally friendly living”. With these tips you can save water and electricity and do something good for the earth.

  • Install taps with a water-saving function.
  • If possible, invest in solar water heating.
  • Install LED lighting in the bathroom.

Ikea bathroom ideas eco friendly water saving tips faucet bathroom faucets shower

12. Ikea bathroom ideas: A small bathroom with a big impact

Ikea bathrooms in white practical space-saving ideas for a small bathroom from the 2020 catalog

Bathroom furniture from Ikea is real quick-change artists: it can be successfully integrated into almost any living style and decorated as desired. Let yourself be inspired by the suggestions in the new catalog and create a stylish oasis of well-being in your own four walls.

Ikea bathroom the textiles in the new catalog 2020 bathroom accessories and chairs

Ikea bathroom cabinet with handle-free fronts as seen in the new 2020 catalog

Small bathroom and laundry room in one combine tips for interior design