Ideas for the bathroom – inexpensive decorations and more storage space

Ideas for the bathroom wooden shelves-bathroom accessories-cosmetics-wall niches

Bathrooms are often small and present a certain challenge. But even a small bathroom can look big if you design it with the right decorations and enough storage space. Check out the creative DIY solutions and Bathroom ideas, that we have put together for you and solve problems such as towels and toilet paper storage immediately.

Ideas for the bathroom – bath towels storage

Ideas for the bathroom shelves-wooden box-bath towels

Old wooden boxes can be quickly and easily converted into beautiful shelving systems. Whether brightly painted or simply painted white, they offer enough space for towels, bathroom accessories and cosmetics. A good idea for large families would be to write the name of each family member on a wooden box so that there is no argument about more space later.

DIY ideas for the bathroom


Wooden paddles are perfect for bathrooms with a maritime theme. They don’t just serve as simple decorative objects, but are quite functional as wall-mounted wardrobes.

Handleless cabinet fronts and fresh colors


In the small bathroom, high-gloss surfaces and handleless cabinet fronts are quite popular. A built-in cupboard that reaches up to the ceiling is the dream of storage space and a shelf element in yellow provides the perfect visual change.

Where should I store the toilet paper?


Storing toilet paper towers on the floor is not possible, because the paper should stay clean and dry. But how can you stow the toilet paper decoratively and discreetly? Consider getting a toilet paper holder or sewing one yourself.

Different variants for storing toilet paper



Make bathroom shelves out of old drawers, chairs or Vpc tubes


Shelf ladder for more storage space

ideas-bathroom-stepladder-instead of-shelves-bath-towels-bath-accessories

Shelf ladders don’t take up much space in the small bathroom, but they offer enough storage space for towels and a lot of beauty products.

Clay pots in the bathroom


Bring bright colors into play


ideas-bathroom-utensils-storage-metal wire

Store towels in empty tin cans


Shelves in a wall niche or above the bathroom door


Pull-out shelves


Store the hair dryer, straightening iron and curling iron

ideas-bathroom-storage-hair dryer-flat iron







ideas-bathroom-decorations-storage-vintage-glass cans-weck glasses