Guest toilet ideas and helpful tips for interior design

Guest toilet ideas for every style and size

Usually the guest toilet is very small. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay as much attention to the decor and decor as you do to all of the other rooms in the house. On the contrary! This tiny room really needs some nice decorations and ideas in order to be more inviting instead of looking like a boring chamber. After all, it is usually not only the guests who use this toilet room. During the day it is not uncommon for all family members to use the toilet, and especially when you don’t feel like going up to the second floor. If you would like to devote your time and creativity to this room in the near future, you are sure to be looking for some great ideas. And this is where we come in. We have put together inspirations in different styles that could help you with the design.

Guest toilet ideas and the right planning

Guest toilet ideas with gray tiles and wooden wall cladding

At first one could assume that such a small room is certainly much easier to plan and design than a large one. But that’s wrong. Because it is precisely the limited space that makes furnishing complicated. You have to consider different elements like doors, windows and pipes when looking for bathroom furniture and decorations. The aim is to create a cozy atmosphere and avoid a cramped feeling. Nonetheless, there are of course a few things that should definitely not be missing when you are gathering ideas for your guest toilet. This includes:

  • the toilet
  • a sink
  • a mirror
  • a shelf or a hook
  • Accessories such as toilet brushes, paper holders, buckets and hooks or a stand for a towel

Classic and modern at the same time - guest toilet ideas with tiles and flamingo wallpaper

If space allows, it is also advisable to add furniture for storage space. If you want to discreetly store towels and additional toilet paper rolls, a cupboard is the perfect choice. But a shelf is also suitable for this purpose. It is best to use the free area under the sink for such furniture. Shelves can also be fixed to the wall above the toilet. Just think about where the piece of furniture fits best in your case without disturbing you. There are a wide variety of guest toilet ideas with which you can make great use of even the smallest space.

The right wall and floor covering

modern guest toilet ideas with gray natural stone and console table

Since there is usually no shower or bath in the guest toilet and the humidity is not increased as in the bathroom, there are actually no limits to the choice of material for walls and floors. However, it must be ensured that the surfaces are easy to clean. Wall-to-wall carpets are therefore rather unsuitable. Otherwise you can freely choose between parquet, tiles and even laminate or linoleum. The walls can either be designed in the traditional way with tiles or you can create special patterns and motifs by using beautiful wallpaper. This does not necessarily have to be specially made for damp rooms in the guest toilet. You are also welcome to plaster the wall as you like or paint it in a certain color. Super modern and popular guest toilet ideas are also 3D wall panels.

Guest toilet tile ideas

Guest toilet ideas without windows in industrial style with black metal

Light colors are recommended in small rooms, as they make the room appear more spacious, but not mandatory. If you use darker colors instead, it is best to ensure sufficient light with beautiful lighting. This is especially important for a toilet without a window. Additional mirrors can also make the small room look more spacious and reflect the light to make it brighter. For example, create a mirrored wall.

spacious, black guest toilet with matt tiles and a modern washbasin

The smaller the room, the easier it is to use strong accent colors. Green, yellow and blue are very popular here and make the room look fresh and upbeat. Natural earth tones such as beige or brown are no less popular. You can use this if you want to make the guest toilet more homely. In turn, you can achieve a modern design with gray, black and white. You will also find some great guest toilet ideas for this in our gallery. Natural stone slabs and tiles are a great accent. However, when it comes to the sink and toilet, we would advise you to choose the neutral white. This color is always up-to-date, while another color can quickly go out of style and become boring.

Pictures for guest toilet

Accent wall made of black stone and wall niche for a shelf

After all the tips, all that remains is to find the right suggestions that suit your taste and that you can also apply to your guest toilet. We hope that our guest toilet ideas can be of use to you. Both guest toilet ideas are modern, as well as classic or rustic variants that can fit, among other things, with a country-style interior. If you like it more unusual, you can also choose the Art Deco style and not only choose from original cabinet types, but also use artistic mirrors and other decorations.

Ideas for guest toilet with wallpaper

Wallpaper in a spacious guest toilet without a window

Mini guest toilet ideas

a black accent wall and shelves for a white room with a guest toilet

Corner washbasins as guest toilet ideas

The corner sink saves space in this guest toilet with natural stone tiles

Create a guest toilet under the stairs with a toilet and wash basin in one

Guest toilet ideas with mirrors visually enlarge the small room

Guest toilet ideas with white tiles and wooden accents

Mini-bathroom for guests with shower and harmonious lighting

Herringbone tiles are beautiful and modern guest toilet ideas

Mini washroom with modern column washbasin and round mirror

Wall panels to cover the walls in black and white

This guest toilet was designed with white and stone-look tiles

Guest toilet ideas with sloping ceilings and wooden wall

Guest toilet ideas in urban style with blue-gray tiles in small format

Guest toilet ideas with tiles with flamingos and white modern furniture

a bright toilet for the guests with a brick wall and an orange accent

Clad a wall rustic with wood for a little beach feeling

Vintage guest toilet ideas in white and beige with vanity and hexagonal tiles

The small guest toilet with mini wash basin is adorned with beautiful wallpaper

Metro tiles for guest toilet ideas in white and open pipes

Walls as an accent wall and antique furniture and accents in a sparsely furnished guest toilet

chic decor and design of the toilet with wallpaper and wash cabinet

rustic guest toilet ideas for the andhaus style with a lot of wood

small guest toilet in art deco style and chic furniture and accessories

gray and white toilet with cupboard and purple accents

A bidet can also be installed in a large guest toilet

Idea for furnishing the guest toilet in neutral colors

Pebbles and photo wallpaper in contrasting colors as accents in the toilet

simple and chic idea for the guest toilet with window and modern style

inspiring pictures for the guest toilet with and without tiles

nice guest toilet with blue-gray closet and wallpaper

Guest toilet ideas with Scandinavian flair and fur as decoration

Mirrors adorn all the walls in this mini bathroom with wooden floors

elegant design of the guest toilet with fish wallpaper in gold

simple furnishings and mirror wall - combination of tiles in stone look and wood look

Furnish guest toilet ideas in a modern way with a small cupboard

Guest toilet with retro flair - combine wallpaper and yellow color accents