Furnishing tips for small bathrooms: what you need to consider

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Is your bathroom too small to implement normal bathroom furnishings? There are also suitable solutions for you. The few square meters can become your personal dream bathroom, for this purpose you should use some important ones Furnishing tips for small bathrooms note. Find out more here and let yourself be inspired by different design ideas!

Furnishing tips for small bathrooms: on the way to your future dream bathroom


A small bathroom requires detailed and precise room planning, as well as space-saving bathroom furniture and accessories. Your budget decides what can actually be implemented by your wishes. First you should think about what you want to change in the bathroom – is it about a bathroom renovation or rather a spatial relocation and modernization of the sanitary products? Would you like more storage space? Do you want to re-lay the floor with tiles or plaster the walls? Should the shower, sink and toilet remain in the same place, etc..

Bathroom design ideas and good room solutions


When planning your small bathroom, you need to consider protruding walls, sloping ceilings, radiators, doors and windows. The arrangement of the bathroom furniture should not restrict your freedom of movement. Space-saving products are probably the best space solution for small bathrooms. But there is also space for a rain shower, space-saving tub and beautiful designer bathroom furniture.

Furnishing tips for small bathrooms: How to make the room look bigger


Anyone who wants to make their small bathroom look bigger should use contrasts sparingly. Colored accents are of course still allowed. But you should limit yourself to individual details in accent colors, such as a colorful doormat, a beautiful lamp or decorative accessories.

Make small bathrooms look bigger: natural light

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Provide daylight and sufficient light sources – a bright bathroom appears more spacious and friendlier, even if it is only a few square meters in size. Remove everything from the window that obscures unnecessarily. Choose light colors for the wall and floor design. If possible, hang up more mirrors that reflect the sunlight in shady corners.

Tricks for the mini bath


The smooth surfaces of the fittings, shimmering wallpaper or shiny tile coverings reflect the light – this makes the room look bigger.

Wall-hung bathroom furniture ensures lightness


Bathroom furniture for small bathrooms is even equipped with a lot of storage space


Bathroom with a sloping ceiling

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This is how a small bathroom becomes a feel-good bathroom


Narrow bathroom with vintage furniture


Mini bathroom covered with wallpaper


Transform a small bathroom into a dream bathroom


Color ideas for the small bathroom


Dimmable lighting




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