Furnishing a new bathroom: the right design for every situation

bathroom furnishing bathroom-furniture-set-modern-high-quality-design-every-situation

The bathroom has long been more than a tiled “wet cell”. Today’s bathroom is gaining in importance as a relaxation and living space that focuses on the individual needs of the user. High-quality bathroom furniture, plays of light and exclusive design characterize the appearance of modern bathrooms. Regardless of whether it is a renovation, refurbishment or a completely new building, furnishing a new bathroom is a significant investment in the future and must therefore be carefully considered. That’s why we’ve put together some of the best bathroom decorating tips today. From the small pool to the family pool, we will show you how good planning can bring your personal wishes together with the spatial conditions.

Furnishing the bathroom: adapt your dream bathroom to the room situation

Furnishing a new bathroom bathroom-furniture-set-modern-double-sinks

The future dream bathroom not only has to be adapted to the existing room situation, but also has to be geared to the needs of the residents. A family with children needs a different bathroom than singles or couples. When planning bathroom furniture, you should make sure that it integrates perfectly into everyday routines and can offer each user the most important functions individually, such as plenty of storage space, the right light or a large mirror surface.

In addition to functions, the materials, surfaces and coatings are also very important, because bathroom furniture must be able to withstand moisture, water and steam. It is best to trust in traditional brand quality and opt for a high-quality bathroom furniture set from a market leader for sanitary products, such as EAGO Germany. In addition to top quality, aesthetics and user-friendliness, the manufacturer also attaches great importance to a fair price-performance ratio. Top quality pays off!

The washbasin as the most important design element


Small bathrooms are between 3 and 6 m² in size, medium-sized bathrooms are between 6 and 10 m². From 10 m² one speaks of a large bathroom. The furnishings should therefore primarily be tailored to the size and layout of the bathroom.

The washbasin plays a major role as the most important design element of a bathroom furniture set. Cabinets, decors, fittings and lights are coordinated with this. So before you start looking for the perfect furniture for your bathroom, first measure the suitable areas for your washbasin and the like. Pay attention to the width, depth and height.

Set up a small bathroom


A small bathroom is a particular challenge. Every centimeter counts here. In order to really feel at home in the small bathroom, the size of the furniture should be right. And storage space shouldn’t be missing either. Hanging bathroom furniture without floor contact is a good solution for small bathrooms. These are mounted on the walls, look modern, make the bathroom look bigger and have another plus: This makes the bathroom even easier to clean.

Flexible furniture with multiple functions is very popular and useful, especially in small rooms. Mirror cabinets and washbasins with integrated base units can save valuable space without having to forego convenience.

Furnish a medium-sized bathroom


According to Association of the German Sanitary Industry the current statistical average size of a German bathroom is 7.8 square meters. This makes medium sized bathrooms the most common bathroom type. They offer more design freedom and more options for storage space: For example, various side cabinets can be combined with existing bathroom furniture series.

A wish that can also come true in a medium-sized bathroom is the double washbasin. There are double washbasin models that are between 120 and 150 meters wide. So you can set up a double washing area in a small space.

Set up a large bathroom

bathroom-furnishing-large-bathroom-furniture-set-milano-160cm-double washbasin

There is enough space in the large bathroom. You can think a little more generously and treat yourself to nice extras that people with a small bathroom can only dream of. In addition to the double washbasin, a whirlpool, sauna or steam bath could also be considered for this. A sensible room structure solves the problem of unused space in the middle of the room and makes the large bathroom appear more homely.

Conclusion: people want a more homely bathroom – no matter how big it is. With modern bathroom furniture and sanitary products, the focus is on the balanced interplay of design, innovation, quality and functionality. The right furniture is available for every requirement, every requirement, every room situation and every budget. Make your bathroom an oasis of wellbeing!