Furnish small bathrooms in a space-saving and stylish way with Noken

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Small houses often have the disadvantage that the rooms are quite small. The bathroom in particular suffers from this. However, this is not a reason to have to do without stylish and modern bathroom furnishings. Various design elements and designer pieces of furniture can be used to make the bathroom look more spacious. The company Noken, which is responsible for the bathroom equipment of the Porcelanosa Grupo, ensures a comfortable and spacious ambience with its collections and elements small bathrooms.

Design small bathrooms with Noken


The company specializes in developing products for smaller bathrooms. These products adapt perfectly to the limited space and promise the user complete relaxation and comfort. A practical and efficient use of the limited space that is typical for small bathrooms is guaranteed with bathroom furnishings from Noken!

Small bathrooms with fittings for the walls

small-bathrooms-marble-white-gray-bidet-floating effect

First and foremost, small bathrooms should not be blocked with lots of furniture. As much as possible of the floor should be kept free. The furnishing elements for hanging Noken are wonderfully suitable for this. They use the free space on the walls that cannot otherwise be used for anything. Cleaning the narrow bathroom is also much easier this way. This is because corners and niches are avoided.

White facility


A white interior also contributes to an optical enlargement of the room. If there are also sanitary facilities in white, the effect is intensified. Noken offers a wide range of stylish products with this characteristic, including different styles, so you can find the best one for your bathroom.

Wall sink


Wall-mounted washbasins don’t just look modern. They also offer the option of accommodating a cupboard or at least a drawer underneath. And in this way you get the storage space you need, which can otherwise be very limited in a small bathroom. If hygiene products and other things are stowed away, small bathrooms look much tidier.

Light for more space


It is not just the colors for the furnishings that influence the size of the bathroom as we perceive it. The light is at least as important. If used appropriately, you can visually make small bathrooms appear much larger. A lot of natural light is a great advantage here. The light sources should also ideally be located in the rearmost area of ​​the room.

Choose shower


Showers can take up a lot of space. So making the right choice is also a factor that can contribute to a more spacious bathroom. The elements there should be kept to a minimum. For small bathrooms, the shower tray should ideally be as low as possible or even let into the floor. This also looks more elegant and also applies to the shower head. Build it all or half into the ceiling.

Mirror in the bathroom


You probably already know that mirrors make a room look bigger. Use this knowledge for small bathrooms too! In combination with the natural light and its reflections, a perfect illusion is created with which you get a seemingly larger bathroom. You can hang mirrors over the washbasin, but also on the door or a wall.

Tidy bathroom

small bathrooms white-fittings-porcelain-sink-stone-tiles

We have already mentioned the importance of storage space. If our personal things are standing around in the room, it not only looks messy, but also much smaller. That is why small bathrooms in particular should be able to stow them away and prevent a chaotic interior. The same goes for decorations. Use them sparingly too.

Collections for small bathrooms

small-bathrooms-wood-imitation-tiles-shower-glass-side table

Noken bathroom furniture from the Mood, Chelsea and Lounge collections is perfect for furnishing a small bathroom. The cabinets and shelves for small bathrooms provide the necessary functionality, but do not disturb the minimalist flair in the modern bathroom.

Sleek and simple designs


Noken also offers the smaller elements of a bathroom with the appropriate designs. Sanitary fittings such as the slim shower head are not directly eye-catching, so they do not attract attention and are perfect for small bathrooms that should not look too crowded. Integrated systems are used that visually open up the room.

Raised wash basin


Noken’s sanitary facilities guarantee that you will not lose a valuable centimeter in a small bathroom. The comfort that results from this undoubtedly makes everyday life more pleasant and stress-free. You can start every day in a good mood and finish it off in the evening, because this is exactly what a bathroom that is perfectly designed achieves.


small bathrooms attractive-interior-space-saving-equipment-shower

The Urban C collection from Noken is also very modern and stylish. The sanitary facilities and fittings are raised here. Smooth and curvy lines are another feature of the collection. With their simple design, the products create a refreshing atmosphere both for and for small bathrooms. But that’s not all there is to be said about this collection.

Small sinks

small bathrooms monochrome design-towel rail-wall-accessory

The washbasins are relatively small – ideal for small bathrooms in which space has to be saved. The bathtub, in turn, uses every free space. So it can easily be placed in the rearmost area of ​​the room or under a window. It is slightly raised and, like the wash basins, is smaller in size.

Small size bathtub


The bathtub from the Acore collection is very suitable. It is installed horizontally in the room and thus takes up the entire width of the bathroom in the rearmost area. The bathroom radiator is also very compact. It can be attached to the wall at any height and allows quick access to the towel after bathing.

Tile color


If you really want to lay dark tiles in your small bathroom, you should use them more sparingly. At least that’s true if you don’t get a lot of daylight in the room. Combine with a light-colored wall and be sure to combine with white plumbing, as was done in this example.

Wall accessories


Not only larger systems and cabinets can be attached to the wall. Noken also offers smaller accessories for the bathroom that, when attached to the wall, leave space on counter surfaces for more space. An example of this are these soap dispensers and glass beakers for small bathrooms. They are stylish and practical at the same time if you are looking for space-saving alternatives.

Modern bathroom cabinet


This bathroom cabinet from Noken is mounted on the wall. It impresses with its ultra-modern design made of white high gloss and an attractive front. Inside you will find a practical division that ensures more order in the closet. High gloss is a great option for small bathrooms because it has a reflective effect.

Design by Noken.