Freestanding wooden bathtub invites you to relax

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One freestanding bath Made of wood with perfect workmanship in every detail – this is how the Laguna bathtub can be described. The Alegna company offers top functionality in an intuitive and perfect design. Anyone who appreciates the exclusive will certainly be fascinated by it.

Freestanding wooden bathtub – attractive grain attracts attention

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the freestanding bath from Alegna is a minimalist masterpiece. Made from a single block of wood, the bathtub impresses with its clear lines and attractive grain. The ergonomic design contributes to the comfort both when sitting and when lying down. Each bathtub is made to customer dimensions – this is how the designers ensure that it will fit perfectly in the available space. Two models are offered – one is also available as a built-in variant. Customers can choose between three types of wood. Special varnish makes the wood waterproof. Thanks to the coating, the bathtub is extremely easy to care for and can be cleaned quickly.

Freestanding bathtub with a high design standard

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With the freestanding wooden bathtub from Alegna gives the bathroom a timeless charm. The design goes perfectly with both minimalist and classically designed bathrooms. The warm wood color creates a cozy atmosphere and relaxes the senses. At the customer’s request, the bathtub can be combined with a wooden washbasin – this is how the interior looks complete. Stainless steel bathroom fittings add to the concept.

The Italian company Alegna specializes in the manufacture of high quality bathroom furniture and bathtubs made of wood. In 2013, the company was nominated for the German design award for its projects.

Stylish freestanding wooden bathtub gives the bathroom timeless charm

Wood made attractive grain varnished waterproof

The bathtub is available in three types of wood; a special coating makes the wood waterproof

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Attractive grain and noble steel fittings characterize the design

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The dark wood color attracts attention – the bathtub can be combined with a washbasin

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The company also offers wooden washbasins

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Exclusive bathtub with ergonomic shape ensures comfort

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