Exclusive bathroom furnishings – organic design by Zaha Hadid

Bathroom furnishings -design-zaha-hadid-lifting-mixer-black-organic

The Milan Furniture Fair opened its doors on April 12th, 2016 to present the latest trends and innovations in interior design and furnishings. Exclusive bathroom equipment introduced the company Noken. It is well known for its innovative products and the highest quality, and in cooperation with Zaha Hadid Design, an excellent bathroom collection was created – VITAE.

Exclusive bathroom fittings with a design award – VITAE single-lever mixer by Noken and Zaha Hadid

Bathroom furnishings -design-zaha-hadid-lifting-mixer-detail-organic

VITAE was awarded the i-Novo Designer Prize, competition organized by ArchiExpo, for its innovation and essence. The core idea of ​​the collection leads back to the origin of all life – water. Due to the exclusive design and natural concept, but also because Zaha Hadid passed away on March 31st and VITAE appeared as her last collection for iSaloni, the project is gaining in importance.

Exclusive bathroom furnishings awarded at the Milan Furniture Fair 2016 – VITAE single-lever mixer

Bathroom furnishings -design-zaha-hadid-vitae-lifting mixer-designer-award

You can get to know the VITAE collection through an exclusive preview on the Noken homepage and feel the essence behind the concept, as well as the embrace of nature through innovative design.

Organic design by Zaha Hadid – exclusive wall fireplace CALLA made of black M.armor

organic-design-zaha-hadid-marble-black-fireplace-seating group

The exclusive wall-mounted fireplace made of black marble CALLA appeared at the Milan furniture fair in 2014. The traditional wall fireplace is reinterpreted and bears the typical characteristics of Zaha Hadid’s works – organic design, flowing shapes, exclusive materials. The curved shape of the chimney looks like a calla flower. In the middle, where the pistil of the calla is usually, the chimney flames.

Organic design by Zaha Hadid – glass perfume bottle


The exclusive perfume bottle by Zaha Hadid in collaboration with Donna Karran has the same organic shapes characteristic of the other works of the popular designer. The object looks like a perfect sculpture made of glass and fits perfectly in the hand. The perfume bottle is a special edition for the 25th anniversary of the DKNY label.

Organic design by Zaha Hadid – perfume bottle for Donna Karan


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