Elegant purple bathroom design by Novello


Here we present you a wonderful one purple bathroom design idea from the Italian company Novello. “Happy” in German, as the project was named, shines in a mysterious purple color, balanced with contrasting gray and white surfaces. With its saturated shades and daring shapes, this one represents purple bathroom design Joy of life, with the help of the language of elegant modern interior design.

 purple bathroom design by Novello


The appearance of “Happy” looks very daring, but it embodies the simplicity of minimalism. This is the reason why this design looks so interesting and fresh because of its color palette and shapes. Of course, by “shapes” we don’t mean the shape of the room, but the way in which the furniture is formed. There are three types of geometric shapes in this one purple bathroom design.  The first and the most clear is the square and the second is the circle, which immediately attracts attention. The round mirrors and the purple shelves over the washbasin, the round doorknobs and drawers, the circles on the carpet – all of these transform the room, adding diversity. The third shape in the purple bathroom design, and the next element that stands out, is the stunning design of the sink. With a striking tip and rounded side, its asymmetrical shape makes a connection with the other square and circular shapes. They play a role of connecting pieces of furniture, but at the same time, they look separate, which creates a feeling that they are the most important elements in the bathroom.

 purple bathroom design with circular furniture


In order to create a special ambience of joy and happiness, Novello made the decision to use a beautiful glossy purple color palette for the sinks and the other round elements, and a classic white for the square ones. The toilet and bidet are also white to contrast with the extravagant wash basins. Pure white and dark gray walls set the perfect contrasting background for the whole purple bathroom design.

Purple sink   black-accent-wall-white-bathroom-furniture-except-purple-sink

whimsical shapes


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