Designing the bathroom – 27 ideas with Scandinavian charm

bathroom design scandinavian design tiles sand-colored

The Scandinavian living style uses the simplicity of colors, materials and surfaces to offer a simple yet functional aesthetic in the living area. The harsh winter in Scandinavian countries lasts longer and forces people to make themselves comfortable in their warm houses and stay there for many months. The efficient use of space, the technology as part of the decoration, the easy access to devices and the multitude of storage space options are further characteristics of this style of living. If you like this description, then consider designing your bathroom like the Scandinavians. That Design the bathroom Scandinavian style is not difficult if you have the right inspiration to go with it. Take a look at our ideas and suggestions on the subject and learn more about the features of the Scandinavian-style bathroom.

Scandinavian-looking Design the bathroom 

bathroom design ideas-scandinavian-wood-vanity-shelves-wall mirrors

The Scandinavian style bathroom is characterized by such surfaces that are easy to clean. The overall mood in the room appears harmonious and relaxed. Light colors dominate Scandinavian design, but the dramatic black and white color duo is also often used to add drama and a modern feel to the ambience. Good storage space comes first in this bathroom so that everything can be kept tidy. Bathing in Scandinavia is not just a question of hygiene. The bathroom should be a place for rest and relaxation. A spa-like, minimalist bathroom where modern furniture and fittings are combined with light wood tones and white tiles. Take a look at the pictures below and bring the Scandinavian charm into your own bathroom.

Designing the bathroom – what are the characteristics of Scandinavian design?


Floor tiles in wood look in the bathroom

Bathroom design ideas-floor tiles-wood look-floor-level shower

Brown and gray tones in the bathroom


Wooden cupboard offers more storage space


small bathroom in Scandinavian style


Black and white combination


Wooden vanity and wicker



bathroom-scandinavian-style-wooden bench-shelves

bathroom-design-scandinavian-vanity-cabinet-floor tiles-morocco-pattern


bathroom-scandinavian-ideas-wooden furniture-vanity-shelves










bathroom design ideas-black-white-round-sink

bathroom design ideas-minimalist-bathtub-glass-shower-partition wall

bathroom design marble-wood-bench-bath-tub-cladding

bathroom-sloping-bathtub-floor-level shower-trend