Designing and furnishing a 6 sqm bathroom – possibilities for renovating a small floor plan

bathroom 6 qm design furnishing possibilities renovation black tiles tiles toilet bowl cabinets hall floor

The main idea with which you start planning a 6 sqm bathroom renovation is the design and furnishings. The materials and bathroom furniture used must have a number of properties, but above all be moisture-resistant. But it is not recommended to completely clog every square meter of such a bathroom with design elements. It would be much better to furnish the room according to the principle “if there is more”. Also, consider the popular modifications of the finishes in terms of financial cost.

Size is not everything for a bathroom 6 square meters

bathroom 6 qm design furnishing possibilities renovation retro faucet square bathtub washing machine shelves

For example, first define three main areas in the bathroom – shower, sink and toilet. You can then equip these with high-quality sanitary ware and furniture. If you need to store additional items in the 6 square meter bathroom, such as a washing machine, cupboard or bidet, it is better to replace the large elements with compact solutions such as a shower cubicle or partition. This is how the following examples of successful planning would look in different shapes and floor plans, such as square, rectangular or narrow.

bathroom 6 qm design furnishing possibilities renovation washing machine bathtub massage function mirror blue tiles

The principle of minimalism is warmly welcomed in the interior design of a small bathroom and it is better if it touches on all aspects, from the plumbing to the decor. Every square meter of space should be included. There are several proven solutions for this, with which you can leave enough space for comfortable use. In order not to destroy the unity of the style, it is possible to integrate devices into cabinets. There are now also so compact washbasins that a normal washing machine can be easily installed underneath them. You do not need to buy a device with a vertical wash load, although this option would also be parked for space reasons when opening.

bathroom 6 sqm design furnishing possibilities renovation checkerboard surface coating tiled partition wall glass

A combined bathroom with toilet looks just as neat and space-saving. This approach can also make tedious cleaning easier by designing a hinged toilet bowl. You can shield the floor area in the bathroom with additional cabinets. These can also serve as storage furniture for household chemicals. To save even more space, choose miniature plumbing and furniture. You should also keep the amount of decoration to a minimum. It is therefore enough to leave details that can effectively emphasize and highlight your individuality.

Choose the right color spectrum

bathroom 6 sqm design color spectrum dark blue beige white shower cubicle stool carpet lamp window view

Regardless of how mundane it seems to you, the right colors are of great importance for a small bathroom. Such a design mostly accepts light shades. The fans of screaming colors mostly have to do with accents on a soft, airy background. This allows you to achieve a better visual effect in a small room. You can also create a custom style using catchy inclusions. The use of small details such as mosaic can make the interior very expressive.

bathroom 6 sqm design orieantalisch tiled sliding wall black base cabinet wood ceiling lighting

It’s best to choose a moisture-proof paint to begin with, although matte textures are usually better for small spaces. Many brands offer ready-made color combinations that complement each other perfectly. Plasterboard walls are also a possible option if you want to use the 6 sqm bathroom flexibly and possibly cover it with tiles. For example, the ceramic tiles have a low absorption coefficient, durability, elegant appearance and other advantages. For the design of a 6 sqm bathroom combined with a toilet, these are ideal, as you can easily experiment with the decoration. For example, a tile can even imitate a tree with textile structures.


bathroom 6 qm design furnishing possibilities renovation towel holder bathtub reflective tiles light green flower

The agglomerate is also a suitable surface coating that is even better than ceramic in terms of abrasion and durability. It is made in panels of different color palettes, with separate collections containing inclusions of mosaic and aventurine. This can increase the costs somewhat, but expand the design options. The classic marble makes the bathroom look luxurious and representative and can be used to partially decorate individual elements. So modern design options allow you to combine different types of surfaces and save money in the process. The most important thing, however, is the safety you can provide with non-slip floors.

bathroom 6 sqm design furnishing possibilities renovation sink wood sand-colored azure-blue tiles combination

A mosaic wall separating the washing area and the toilet is a real eye-catcher. The competently selected color combination will help you to feel more comfortable in the bathroom. Although the priority is on classic white, blue or beige, you can use combinations of purple, lilac, pink, light green, as well as neon or chocolate shades to enhance the tones. The azure-blue tone, combined with purple or sand-colored shine, is currently very much in vogue.


bathroom 6 sqm design furnishing possibilities renovation bathtub retro style wooden chair checkerboard floor vaulted ceiling

The bathroom design of 6 square meters forces you to give up the only source of light in the middle, otherwise the corners will remain in the shade. In addition to improving visualization, it is also worth considering the needs of family members. After diversifying the possible scenario, there is also an opportunity to create an appropriate atmosphere in the room. A soft, subdued light creates a calming feeling in the evening when relaxing in the bathtub. This area requires alternative lighting and not blinding light. You can position the lights symmetrically on each side of the mirror in order to achieve an optimal illumination zone. It is not recommended to install cold glow lamps. In addition, all lamps can be divided into groups by switching the devices on and off conveniently and inexpensively as required.

bathroom 6 sqm design furnishing possibilities renovation bathtub brown tiles skirting board lighting

You can therefore successfully implement competent lighting by adding mirrors. However, if you don’t want to burden the space, a mirrored wall or ceiling is the most effective and modern way to upgrade the space. There are custom-made, reflective tiles that designers like to use to improve lighting. However, their disadvantage is their fragility and extremely difficult to care for. Another interesting, non-standardized version is the replacement of an ordinary door with a sliding wall with an internal mirror surface. A bold but very effective step can be the use of decorative lights. The lighting of skirting boards and furniture became possible thanks to the appearance of LED strips. Their use does not significantly affect the budget.

Design possibilities of bathroom 6 sqm

bathroom 6 sqm design furnishing possibilities renovation first floor plan

The advantages of the first draft, despite the fact that the room is furnished with a lot of objects, is the spaciousness and functionality. To save space, you can arrange the appliances and bathroom furniture along the walls. For example, shelves can be built in over a large bathtub, which can extend to the toilet bowl and bidet. The shelves also serve as storage space for cosmetics, household remedies and other bathroom items.

bathroom 6 sqm design furnishing possibilities renovation violet lilac lilac white bidet towel details

However, the possible presence of a washing machine or an additional storage cabinet must be taken into account. With this planning we could not find any major disadvantages. In addition, you can also install a static partition or shower curtain in the bathroom. In this case, however, it is better not to mount towel rails, as the textile will constantly absorb moisture.

Planning number 2

bathroom 6 sqm design furnishing possibilities renovation second floor plan

Another advantage is when a bathtub takes on the function of a shower cubicle in one end of a short wall. In this case, the area can be used by two people, which automatically enables a space-saving setup. Add a conveniently placed towel holder and a wide rack in the corner. Thus, the bathroom is 6 square meters spacious and functional.

bathroom 6 sqm design furnishing possibilities renovation gray towel sink radiator mirror cabinet hinged

A possible disadvantage with this layout would be the dubious location of the toilet bowl. Perhaps it would be better to install these in the area of ​​the cabinet by placing it between the sink and the bathtub. Please also note that due to the elongated shape, it can get a little dark in the bathroom without the right lighting. For this reason, the installation of at least two light sources as ceiling lighting is a must here.

Planning number 3

bathroom 6 sqm design furnishing possibilities renovation third floor plan

As you can see in this proposal, the shape of the room in this bathroom floor plan is very similar to a square. Because of its dimensions, the best way to plan the area is to consider installing a full bathtub and shower cubicle at the same time. These can then form a single, separate zone. There is also a large sink with a wide work surface along the opposite side of the wall. The narrow bathroom cabinet separates this area from the toilet.

bathroom 6 sqm design furnishing possibilities renovation shower cubicle double sink mirror

However, such a design of the room leaves no space for the washing machine or, for example, a bidet. If you were to install a vanity half the size of the one shown in the picture, it would be possible to position a compact washing machine in the corner next to the front door.

Planning number 4

bathroom 6 sqm design furnishing possibilities renovation fourth floor plan pink

This floor plan also has a square shape, with the room also having a bathtub and shower cubicle at the same time. This variant is suitable for a married couple or two flatmates who can make optimal use of the possible presence of two washbasins. The towel rail is also in a good location, while it is possible to store a variety of bath accessories in a base cabinet.

bathroom 6 sqm design furnishing possibilities renovation bath mirror wall tiles shower cubicle

There is no washing machine in the plan, but even installing this in place of the cabinet would make the space look crowded. Please note that in this case, the entire bathroom 6 square meters is equipped with large sanitary solutions and furniture. For this reason, it is advisable to use light colors for the coating materials in order to visually enlarge the room. A large, unframed mirror that you can hang on one of the walls is also suitable for this purpose. The larger the bathroom, the more furniture options you have. We recommend that you use the available space as competently as possible so that it can be surprisingly harmonious. I wish you success!