Design small bathrooms – optimal bathroom planning in a limited space

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Small bathrooms Designing it can be a real challenge. Ideally, the bathroom is square and offers enough space for the shower cubicle, bathtub and washbasin. But often one is faced with the problem of furnishing a narrow bathroom with a sloping roof and anything but a perfect cut. But with a little skill you can turn the small area into a dream bathroom!

Designing small bathrooms – creative room solutions


Small bathrooms need careful planning. If you have a narrow bathroom, arrange the sink and toilet on one side. This allows easy access to the shower cubicle or bathtub. Place the bathtub in close proximity to the window. Some tricks can make even narrow rooms look more spacious – light walls and darker flooring create the illusion of more space. Set accents with an original ceiling. Large bathroom mirror creates an optical illusion for a wider room. Don’t forget the light – small bathrooms in particular need a lot of light. Instead of lamps, install ceiling lights and wall lights. The brighter, the more spacious !

Designing small bathrooms – decorating ideas

small-baeder-white-cream-white-beige-washing-machine-built-in cabinet

Small bathrooms Decorating can prove to be a daunting task. Often the decoration takes up the available space and the bathroom looks crowded. To avoid this, you can choose bathroom furniture in interesting colors / yellow is a very suitable color /. You can decorate the narrow wall with mosaic tiles. Another option is to create a pebble path in the bathroom.

Visually appealing elements visually enlarge small bathrooms

small-baeder-gray-white-bathtub-mosaic-stones-glass wall-washbasin

Small bathrooms can be integrated into rooms


Creative and practical solutions for small bathrooms

plan wooden wall shower cubicle original bathroom furniture washbasin blue bathroom carpet

Design elements also for smaller rooms

small bathroom shape mosaic shower cubicle

Small bathrooms – ensure as much daylight as possible

small bathroom marble furniture large mirror bathtub

Creative ceiling design with mosaic tiles

shape ceramic tile ceiling wall wood bathroom furniture

A narrow bathroom looks bigger thanks to the wall mirror

narrow shower cubicle beige matt tiles wall floor

Small shower cubicle with light tiles

shape photos mosaic stone tiles light green shower cubicle

Bathroom with a large window

small bathrooms pictures marble mirrors

Pebbles as decoration in the bathroom

Bathroom mirror wall Kieselweg yellow lamps

Shower cubicle with direct connection to the bedroom

Bedroom small bathroom design ideas

Large windows let enough sunlight into the bathroom

minimalist bathroom design ideas

Shower curtain as a decoration in the bathroom

Planning decoration ideas roof window design ideas

Bathroom with skylight

make small skylights built-in tub LED candles

Bright bathroom looks bigger

Bathroom skylight white shower cabin sunlight

Color combination white and blue

Bathroom shower cubicle glass white wash basin

Decorative elements in the small bathroom

mediterranean style blue yellow corner cabinet sink

Mosaic tiles on the bathroom floor

blue green bathroom picture wall mirror