Deep bathtub with a modern design by Zucchetti.Kos


These deep bathtub with modern design will fascinate you immediately. As you look at her, you may be wondering whether to add it to your home. We have to tell you this deep bathtub with modern design is a great addition to the outdoors. In fact, most people encounter some difficulty in choosing a suitable decor or item for the patio or garden. Trust the professional – they know what’s best for your home!

Small deep bathtub with a modern design


the deep bathtub with modern design is one of the newest products from Zucchetti.Kos. The Italian team is made up of true masters in creating original and stylish additions to any room in your home. This time, with the development of this modern deep bathtub, the company has exceeded their abilities and introduces you to a wonderful way to make the surroundings of your home even more beautiful and original. Besides, the deep bathtub with a modern design placed in the house if you are brave enough to make your home extraordinary.

Free-standing deep bathtub with a modern design in the outdoor area

bathtub outside area

What really helpful and interesting at the same time about that deep bathtub by Zucchetti.Kos is its ability to blur the traditional line between indoors and outdoors. In addition, the bathtub could also be used as a central element in the decorating style of a health resort. Its original design can be adapted to any place or area – bathroom or patio.

Modern freestanding bathtub


Presented at the beginning of 2012, the deep bathtub with modern design from Zucchetti.Kos could be yours if you really want to be fashionable and have the latest products available.


deep bathtub ideal for indoor and outdoor use


modern bathtub with subtle lighting


Bathtub design suitable for outdoor and indoor use


modern bathtub patio area by Zucchetti.Kos


modern bathtub outdoors

modern-bathtub-outdoor area